Obama Wishes Iranians Happy New Year While They Build a Statue to Humiliate Us


obama jerk

Don’t get me wrong. Wishing Iranian-Americans Happy New Year is very nice but that’s not what Obama’s recent Happy Nowruz message is about. He is talking to the Iranian mullahs and allegedly the people, begging them to play fair as they humiliate us and sponsor terrorism throughout the Middle East. They are paying Palestinian terrorists to kill Israelis as is ISIS.

In his message this year, the Ayatollah was reported by Fars news agency as condemning the US for complaining about their missile launches. He likes to call us Iranophobics on twitter.

Here’s his Nowruz message for us.

message from ayatollah

Iran is building a new tourist attraction. It is a statue of the ten sailors captured and mortified in or around Iran’s waters last year. It is meant to commemorate our humiliation.

Obama’s Happy Nowruz message this year lauded the horrible deal and talked of spring, flowers and open windows which are only open in his mind.

Not only did the world give up sanctions, the only lever we had against them, but the US gave Iran the de facto hegemonic rule of the region with businesses investing billions in Iran.

The Iranian nuclear deal is a disaster and Congress has yet to see the side deals as Obama agreed. In fact, there is no deal because the Ayatollah hasn’t signed it. The unsigned deal allows Iran to have a path to securing a nuclear bomb.

Barack Obama acts like no missiles are being tested in violation of the UN agreement as he panders and pretends all is going well.

The leftist in the White House responds to Iran’s Mullahs with flower child-speak in this year’s message, quoting a corny Iranian poet Fereydoon Moshiri as he talks about how he will celebrate Nowruz at the White House. He wants to open a new window with Iran as they continue to say we’re the devil and can’t be trusted. They are also plotting to destroy our allies in the region.

Obama bragged about this non-existent deal in his message. He mentioned verification measures though we know that the UN nuclear watchdogs can’t tell anyone what they have ascertained. The UN did express concerns about what Iran is doing but no one will know what they are.

He said we could all go back to buying Iran’s lovely Persian carpets. We never did stop. They are available in the carpet store near me. I should mention here that they are made with near-slave labor. Women are bound to looms for many hours a day but get paid pennies.

Obama can’t wait until we all go and visit their beautiful  monuments and other sites, according to what he said during his message. Is he nuts? Who would go there and get thrown in a dungeon? Who? Who?

We’re talking, Obama claims, though we’re not. He also bragged about his embarrassing trip to Cuba where he was dissed at the airport. In fact, most of the 53 prisoners who were released from Cuban prisons as part of the Cuba deal are back in jail. Obama has said nothing about that and is pretending they didn’t expect Raul Castro to greet them at the airport though vicious Raul has done as much for every other dignitary.

Obama has successfully shifted our allegiances from allies like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt to terror nations like Iran and Cuba. He tried to align with Russia and the maniac in Venezuela but got nowhere.


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