Obama Won’t Call Massacre of Christians ‘Genocide’ – UPDATE


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Update: March 17, 2016: Today is the deadline for calling the ISIS actions against Christians ‘genocide’ and Kerry now says he will do so.

U.S. officials say Secretary of State John Kerry has determined that the Islamic State is committing genocide against Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria.

The officials say Kerry will announce his finding on Thursday, meeting a congressional deadline just a day after the State Department said he would miss it.

The delay was sharply criticized by lawmakers and others who have advocated for the determination.

The finding will not obligate the United States to take additional action against ISIS militants, according to the officials. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to publicly preview Kerry’s decision.

The officials say Kerry would specifically mention Christians, Yazidis and Shiite groups as victims of genocide. He included hundreds of millions of Shia involved in a Civil War to dilute the impact and spread it out to all refugees.



Hillary Clinton has called it genocide. Marco Rubio has as well. The European Parliament, the U.S. Catholic bishops and Pope Francis have also uttered the important word to describe the Islamic State’s systematic elimination of Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East.

Not so, Barack Obama.

The Obama administration will not declare mass killings genocide partly because the 1948 UN convention obliges states to punish perpetrators in such cases and afford protections to the victims.

The US House of Representatives has voted to call atrocities committed by the Islamic State against Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East “genocide”, a move aimed at pressuring the administration into calling the massacre ‘genocide.’

The House voted 383-0 on Monday in favor of a resolution to declare those who commit or support atrocities against Christians, Yazidis, and other ethnic and religious minorities, guilty of genocide.

If the Senate votes in agreement, it won’t force action against ISIS but it will shine a light on Obama’s legacy.

In May of 2015, ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released a video that made clear ISIS intended to destroy Christians through whatever means possible, by death or forced removal. He stated that “coexistence with Jews and Christians” is impossible according to the Quran.

When ISIS entered the city of Mosul in June 2014, Christians were the main target. They were removed from public positions and cut off from public services and rations; within a month, they were given an ultimatum to “convert, pay the jizya tax, or die.”

They were crucified, beheaded, all signs of Christianity destroyed, and all who could flee, did.

In November, a report by a renowned journalist stated that Christians are to be excluded from an impending official United States government declaration of ISIS genocide.

In December, the State Department shared its plans to designate only Yazidis as victims of genocide.

The Blaze reported in February that Josh Earnest said the White House hesitates to use the genocide designation because of “legal ramifications” and administration lawyers are looking into it.

“There are lawyers considering whether or not that term can be properly applied in this scenario,” Earnest said. “What is clear and what is undeniable and what the president has now said twice in the last 24 hours is that we know that there are religious minorities in Iraq and in Syria, including Christians, that are being targeted by ISIL terrorists because of their religion and that attack on religious minorities is an attack on all people of faith and it is important for all of us to stand up and speak out about it.”

The European delegation has unanimously backed such a declaration.


Obama is continuing his anti-Christian bias. He also doesn’t want it to hurt his mantra that it’s the Muslims who are being killed.