Obamacare Disaster – Premiums Up, Benefits Down, Jobs Lost



There are four government healthcare plans – bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. They will cover basic, essential health needs. There are also catastrophic plans available for a price.

Most people will end up on the Bronze Plan which covers 60% of basic expenses. The other 40% is paid by the enrollee. There are subsidies from the taxpayer available for those whose income is 400% over the poverty level.

For example, a family of four with an income of $88,000 will receive subsidies. The lower the income, the more the subsidy. If you make $88,001, you pay the 40% freight yourself and your taxes will pay for others who make less.

Obama, unconstitutionally, delayed the employer mandate for one year but not the individual mandate. You must still buy health insurance even though your employer doesn’t have to purchase it for you. By doing this, Obama is forcing people onto the exchanges to help pay for the unsustainable Obamacare.

The exchanges will greatly limit doctor and hospital choices. Large insurers and many doctors have not joined the exchanges. The rates they will be paid by the government are extremely low.

Taxpayers will have paid into Obamacare for four years before the plan is implemented and there still won’t be enough money to pay for it.

Some unions with multiemployer health plans say Obamacare (the Affordable Healthcare Act) is going to seriously hurt the middle class.

Joseph T. Hansen, President of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), said,

But as currently interpreted, the ACA would block these plans from the law’s benefits (such as the subsidy for lower-income individuals and families) while subjecting them to the law’s penalties (like the $63 per insured person to subsidize Big Insurance). This creates unstoppable incentives for employers to reduce weekly hours for workers currently on our plans and push them onto the exchanges where many will pay higher costs for poorer insurance with a more limited network of providers. In other words, they will be forced to change their coverage and quite possibly their doctor. Others will be channeled into Medicaid, where taxpayers must pick up the tab.

In addition, the ACA includes a fine for failing to cover full-time workers but includes no such penalty for part-timers (defined as working less than 30 hours a week). As a result, many employers are either reducing hours below 30 or discontinuing part-time health coverage altogether. This is a cut in pay and benefits workers simply cannot afford. For example, a worker making $10 an hour that has his or her schedule cut by six hours a week would lose $3,100 a year in income. With millions of workers impacted, this would have a devastating effect on our economy.

I could see Obama planning forced coverage for workers under 30 hours with the corresponding fines to resolve this. It would push us towards single payer.

Obama wants the single payer system. Russia and Cuba have a single payer system as two examples of the type of countries that inflict this type of system on their citizens.

Top union leaders at the AFL-CIO and United Steelworkers want the subsidies expanded to their plans.

Unfortunately for the taxpayer, they probably will get the subsidies, making Obamacare even more unaffordable.

To give you an idea of how it is affecting just one university, Purdue University is facing a $2.8 million Obamacare bill.

“We are making some pretty radical changes because of ‘health care reform,'” says Purdue’s Eva Nodine, medical benefits administrator in Human Resources. “So we wanted to make sure we had enough time to educate our employees because education is key.”

Even though Obama delayed the employer mandate for a year, three-quarters of small businesses are continuing with their decisions to duck the unaffordable law by firing workers, cutting hours of full-time staff, or shifting many to part-time, according to a survey by the Chamber of Commerce.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Small businesses expect the requirement to negatively impact their employees. Twenty-seven percent say they will cut hours to reduce full time employees, 24 percent will reduce hiring, and 23 percent plan to replace full time employees with part-time workers to avoid triggering the mandate,” said the Chamber business survey provided to Secrets.

Obamacare recognizes a 30 hour workweek, instead of the nationally recognized 40 hours, as full-time. Companies with 50+ full-time workers must provide health care or pay a fine. The best answer for businesses working on 1% to 3% profit margins is to do what they are doing – don’t expand, fire workers to keep the numbers under 50, and/or move the workers to part-time.

Sixty-one percent of businesses will not hire next year because of the costs of Obamacare.

The Chamber added that “nearly one-in-four employers say the health care bill is their biggest obstacle to hiring more employees.”

Jay Carney said on Tuesday that none of this is true. Employers aren’t hiring more part-time workers because of Obamacare.

However, according to The Wall Street Journal, employers have added more part-time employees — about 93,000 a month — in 2013 than full-time workers — averaging about 22,000 per month. That’s a reversal from 2012, when employers hired 31,000 part -time workers and 171,000 full-time ones per month.

I guess you’re wrong again Carney barker!!!

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