Obamacare Has A Mandate to Abort Babies



Obamacare has an abortion mandate. It doesn’t simply allow abortion, it is designed to facilitate it. Abortion coverage will eventually become an acceptable part of Obamacare. There is little pushback as it seeps in and there is every reason to believe there will be even less resistance as people become accustomed to it.

The bill has been set up to lay the foundation necessary to make abortion an integral part of our new healthcare law.

What has been obvious from the beginning is that Obamacare will cover abortions and that abortion coverage and the HHS mandate requiring people to violate their conscience go hand-in-hand.

Some exchanges are providing for abortions and the only thing that could have gotten in the way is one’s right to follow one’s conscience in matters concerning abortion but Mr. Obama took care of that with the HHS mandate.

One way abortions will sneak into law is through the abortion slush fund. Some healthcare plans on the exchange have a $1 surcharge per month for this slush fund.

Some people will undoubtedly pick a plan that covers abortion without realizing they are contributing to abortion because of the secrecy clause.

The secrecy clause in Obamacare requires the abortion surcharge only be revealed as part of the summary of benefits and coverage explanation at the time of enrollment.

Many of the plans on the exchange cover abortions. A report conducted by a think tank – the Charlotte-Lozier Institute – examined multi-state plans that cover abortions. They found that as many as 5.57 million girls and women will be covered for abortion under Obamacare with between 71,000 and 111,500 abortions subsidied by Medicaid and tax credits each year.

Seventy-two congressmen have written a letter to Speaker John Boehner requesting that he end abortion funding and religious discrimination in Obamacare in any spending bill or debt ceiling legislation.

The rest of Congress are apparently not concerned enough to sign the letter. We have gone from a nation of principles to a nation of abortionists.

Bart Stupak had worked out a compromise with Barack Obama that resulted in an Executive Order precluding Obamacare from covering abortions. Everyone at the time realized it was phony political cover, except Bart Stupak apparently.

He was asked about the fact that Obamacare was now covering abortions by a RedState reporter and he responded,  “I am perplexed and disappointed that, having negotiated the Executive Order with the President, not only does the HHS mandate violate the Executive Order but it also violates statutory law.”

Stupak has also said he doesn’t regret voting for the law.

We now live in a nation where a Wendy Davis is lauded for filibustering for hours to promote the killing of babies until the moment of birth. It won’t be hard to go from there to post-birth abortion. There will be no end.

Obama will give up neither abortion coverage nor the HHS mandate because it was always his plan to do exactly what he is doing.

Freedom of religion and freedom to not choose abortion no longer exist.

Some people in power want us to believe that killing babies to the moment of birth for no other reason than a woman changing her mind is acceptable. It’s not. It’s as amoral as it gets.

It is for reasons like this that Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio are fighting. They aren’t ‘hysterical’ or traitorous. They are fighting for the people, something many in Congress have forgotten how to do.


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