Obamacare Is a Mess, Let’s Do Preschool!



Tomorrow will see the unveiling of a new bill that will provide federal and state funding for a greatly expanded pre-K. Democrats want to expand and regulate pre-K NOW. Very timely with Obamacare crashing around us. This bill is a non-starter but it’s an opportunity to distract from Obamacare and make Republicans look like obstructionists.

Democrats Sen. Tom Harkin and Rep. George Miller, of Iowa and Calif. respectively, will introduce a pre-K bill as early as tomorrow. It will be based on Obama’s Preschool For All plan.

“The Early Childhood Education Improvement Act of 2013” is a 10-year plan to improve education for children from birth through 5-years of age.

The government wants control from day one of your life! It would also be unaffordable but that won’t stop its proponents.  Mr. Obama hopes to use new taxes on the tobacco industry to help fund his program but they are understandably balking. Taxes would also have to be raised to pay for it.

The bill includes a formula for grants to fund expanded preschool for underprivileged 4-year olds.

Alignment with Standards and corresponding standardized testing would also be required.

They want to test 4-year olds. We can’t start the brainwashing too early!

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has been traveling the country trying to drum up Republican support. There is almost no bipartisan support in Congress as yet but Republican Governors have increased funding for preschool.

States would be required to supply matching funds and would assume new federal mandates which makes it very unappealing to states.

Sen. Al Franken of Minn. said he was introducing two early education bills as well.

It’s a Democratic avalanche of distractions.

Full story at HuffPo

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