Obamacare: Latest Whoppers from the White House




The Obama Administration claimed that 4 million new enrollees in Medicaid were due to the Medicaid expansion. That was a lie!

A week ago, Sean Trende published an article in RealClearPolitics pointing to the discrepancy in the Medicaid numbers as reported by our government. He updated his estimates in the RealClearPolitics four days ago.

He said the first problem with the 4 million enrollees claimed by the Obama Administration is the numbers were taken from states that did not even undertake the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. That brought the number down to no more than 1.9 million.

The second problem is that of those 1.9 million, some would have enrolled (or re-enrolled) in the program under the pre-expansion rules.

After a thorough re-analysis four days ago, Trende came up with 400,000 as a more realistic number of new enrollees though he believes that number will increase substantially as the website improves and the deadline approaches.


The White House blog quoted liberal newspapers saying the enrollment “soars, surges, spikes, takes off.” LIE!

We have already been told that only 24% of the enrollees are young and healthy (under 35) which tips the balance and will require the Obama Administration to bailout insurance companies with our tax dollars.

Moonbat Jay Carney thinks it’s “solid news.” It’s fabulous! Yay!!!

The Hill reported that the healthcare.gov payment system still isn’t built. An official for the rollout told Congress on Thursday that it is incomplete.

They didn’t lie about this. They’re just incompetent and are guesstimating what is owed insurance companies and paying them with our tax money.

Gary Cohen, the director of Medicare’s Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, revealed that a system to directly transfer federal subsidies to insurance companies is still being built. They have a stopgap system for paying insurers with their best guesswork, at least for next week.

A top information security officer at the Health and Human Services Department who expressed concern about HealthCare.gov before its Oct. 1 launch told lawmakers on Thursday she’s now convinced the site meets all government security requirements.


If asked to sign an ATO for HealthCare.gov now, Fryer said, she could confidently do so.

However, an independent cybersecurity expert, David Kennedy, said that the 20+ vulnerabilities are still there and are even worse. A hacker could put malicious code on the site and commandeer applicants computers.

The system is 100% unsafe according to David Kennedy, who testified before Congress yesterday.

Appearing on Greta Van Susteran’s show On the Record, David Kennedy said this: “I was worried this last time around when I did my testimony that it was just going to be me coming out as a security researcher. So what I did was actually engage multiple other security researchers that are really well-known in the security industry to look at this and they all came back and said, “This is not good, it’s bad and it’s 100 percent bad and this is the type of things that we see for security breaches.” So as of right now, 100 percent really bad.”





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