Happy Birthday Obamacare


1100 Waivers and Growing!

Happy Birthday Obamacare,

This is your first anniversary, little guy. The longer you are  here, the more likely it is we will not rid ourselves of your 2000+ page bill, your incredibly bad bill.

You supposedly covers 10 to 30 million more people, depending on who you ask, without adding doctors. You increase the cost of healthcare and the costs will be pushed on us; and, indeed, the costs to states are so severe that over 1100 waivers have been given. You limit medicare per person annually so when Grandpa has reached his limit, he will have no recourse.  At present insurance companies can be appealed to and sued. You take medical care out of the hands of doctors and all decisions lead to the Secretary of Health and Human Services who functions under the auspices of the President of the United States, giving unprecedented power to the Executive.

Congress and the SCOTUS have no involvement  or control over you in the chain of command set up by Obamacare.

You are designed to lead to socialized medicine, officially making us European socialists. The European socialist countries are economically bankrupt and it is hard to understand why we would emulate them. I hear Portugal is now in dire straights. At some point, their bailouts won’t work because their entitlements such as healthcare will be too great. And that sometime is coming sooner rather than later.

Instead of working on reducing the costs of bankrupt entitlements, we added you, a new, more massive one.

Worst yet, it forces everyone to buy health insurance or be fined. Now the government can make us buy anything.


P.S. Obamacare Rep. Weiner might want a waiver for NYC. See it for yourself if you don’t believe me click the link.

Weiner Waiver


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