Obamacare – More Abortions, Fewer Births?


Abby Johnson was a Director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas until she saw a sonogram for a woman planning an abortion. She is now an advocate for the unborn.

Recently, in an interview with WND, she said that she believes that one goal of Obamacare is to include abortions and exclude maternity from approved costs.

Indeed, since Obamacare has passed, private insurance companies have dropped coverage for pregnancy. Many insurance companies have said that the costs of Obamacare are too high and they have to cut something. Read here: Heartland

We already know that Planned Parenthood is eligible for funds under Obamacare and they are the largest abortion provider in the country, performing more than 300,000 abortions a year. Is there more to this than a loose connection?

It is Abby Johnson’s view that Obamacare is aimed at population control. At issue is “40-year-old memo written by former Planned Parenthood Vice President Frederick Jaffe indicating that the ultimate goal of the organization and the government is to control population growth by discouraging pregnancy and promoting abortion and sterilization.”

Johnson claims that everyone knows about the infamous Jaffe memo but no one talks about it. The infamous and horrific memo can be read here. Keeping in mind that it was written in 1969, does it resonate when considering Ms. Johnson’s comments? In any case, it is a wonder that as recently as 1969, people actually thought like this. Continue reading: Examiner.com