Obamacare Replacement Is Here — It’s DOA for Conservatives


A draft Obamacare replacement bill obtained by NBC News repeals much of the current law — Obamacare — within the next few years and sets in place a Republican health care bill which is not simply ObamacareLite, it’s Obamacare with a different name, only the taxes go to insurance companies instead of the government.

The mandate lives on with a new name!

Premiums won’t go down but they will go up and there is no provision for crossing state lines to buy insurance nor are there frivolous lawsuit provisions. The reduced drug provisions should come later and hack Elijah Cummings is meeting with Trump to discuss drug price reductions because Democrats see openings here.

What is in it: there’s no penalty for pre-existing conditions; it keeps “kids” on their parents’ insurance until age 26; the individual mandate continues but the money goes to insurance companies and they call it something else; the Cadillac tax continues with money going to insurance companies and they call it something else; and subsidies continue but they call them tax credits.

The American Health Care Act was released Monday by top Republicans of two House committees overseeing health care.

The bill repeals and replaces Obamacare.

Obamacare subsidies are repealed, the Obamacare taxes are repealed, and forced payment for abortions is out.

They are giving them subsidy tax credits – healthcare welfare – in lieu of the subsidies.

The draft legislation indicates it provides expanded tax credits and health savings accounts for individuals while reducing federal spending on tax subsidies and Medicaid and practically eliminating the employer and individual mandates to provide and carry health insurance.

Americans who need assistance to buy health care would receive a tax credit — with an option to receive it in advance on a monthly basis — based on age. A person under 30 would be eligible for a $2,000 tax credit, while a person over 60 would be eligible for a $4,000 credit.

The measure would also create state-based high-risk pools for people who don’t have access to insurance. The federal government would start providing $15 billion to help fund the high-risk pools next year, but the funding would decrease to $10 billion by 2020 and beyond.

The are keeping the highly unpopular Cadillac tax but calling it something else.

Rand Paul was mocked for saying the bill would be Obamacare lite and some congressmen said he was just seeking attention, but he was right about all of it.


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