Obamacare Website Is Working If the Government Says It Is


Whether or not you think the healthcare dot gov website is working is left open to interpretation and Obama officials say it is working for 90% of us.The Administration said they have reached their goals, which are probably not the goals of the general public.
Insurers aren’t getting correct information but we knew that yesterday. There are verification and security issues but those aren’t considered glitches by the Administration.

Today I decided to find out for myself if the site was working so I attempted to enroll a Florida family which includes a 35-year old, a 33-year old, and two children ages 1 and 5.

The government now shows the plans up front with the caveat that they could be wrong – they don’t include the subsidies. The plans start at: catastrophic, $228 a month but the deductible is $12,700 with $20 co-pays; Bronze, $743 a month with 12,500 deductible and co-pays; silver $828 month with $11,500 deductible plus co-pays; gold, $952 a month, $5,000 deductible; Platinum, $1,055 per month with a $1,700 deductible plus co-pays.

Each plan can be much more expensive depending on what coverage you need but, rest assured, you will have maternity coverage, drug rehab, and birth control. You no longer get what you pay for. You pay for what the government decides you get.

That’s old news. None of it is affordable for my family members anyway.

I tried to sign them up but I got this – the waiting room that you can’t get out of:

they put me in the waiting room

They had another option for me which was to establish an account:

another option

I tried several times with different email addresses and different passwords but I got this:

create an account

Robert Gibbs said the working percentage is arbitrary. He’s not kidding:

This is what Mr. Obama promised a couple weeks ago – it will be a lot better:

The Administration said it would work for 80% of the people. ABC reported the Administration is now saying it works 90% of the time. What are the codds – I’m one of the 10%!!!

Don’t worry, however, it will work by 2017. Yesterday, David Plouffe said it it will be working by then. Hopefully, we will all live long enough to see it.

Listen to David Plouffe and Keith Ellison defending the indefensible. There is talk of single payer during this segment! Shocker!