Obamacare Will Force Seniors Into Accountable Care Organizations




Obamacare will force all senior citizens into Medicare ACO’s (Accountable Care Organizations). There will be groups of doctors, hospitals et al who agree to take care of certain types of populations, using a centralized payment and medical-decision making system.

The purpose appears to be to take all incentives away from providers in prescribing additional services because it will cost more money than the government wants to spend (Read at ideastream). Seniors are expendable. The government wants to help everyone a little bit but seniors will take a back seat. They’ve outlived their usefulness.

Don’t forget there is no judicial review with Obamacare.

Under Section 3022, the Medicare Shared Savings Program, there are global budgets, payments and data systems monitoring patients and doctors, predicting risks, and determining bonuses. Bonuses will be given to doctors and hospitals when they save money (shared savings).

ACO’s will lose money the first three years, the same three years that Obama says he will save Medicare $960 million.

The ACO is “HMO on steroids” according to Tevi Troy, former HHS executive. Less choice, higher costs and more centralized controls will be the end result.

Nancy Min-De Parle, former health care czar says, “The economic forces put in motion (by health reform) are likely to lead to vertical organization of providers and accelerate physician employment by hospitals and aggregations into larger physician groups.” One commentator said it is HMO on Red Bull.

I think it’s HMO on Meth.

So, in other words, forget private practice. We are talking all hospital care, all government managed, no judicial review and DON’T GET SICK.

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