Obamacare’s Wicked Design Continues to Evolve



Photo of the Obamacare Lord

Obamacare’s evil design is not unraveling, it’s evolving. Obama and the HHS have total control over every aspect of Obamacare and your health. We the people gave this power to them.

The Obamacare fine for smokers has been delayed until after the 2014 election. Insurers are allowed to charge smokers upwards of 50% more for their premiums.The penalties for smoking could reach $4250 for smokers over age 55. It won’t be popular when people realize what they will have to pay for the government “sin” of smoking. Overweight people will pay as much.

Obama has no constitutional authority to do this, just as he had no constitutional authority to delay the employer mandate until after the election. He is legislating from the White House via agencies such as HHS (Health & Human Services).

Obama also dropped the anti-fraud screenings because the government that spies on every American’s Internet communications, claims to not have the sophisticated technology needed to do it.

Subsidies for health insurance will now be based on the honor system.

Obama did not postpone the individual mandate, however, and there is a good reason for that. Employers do not have to provide you with health insurance yet, but you still have to have health insurance or you will face fines.

The Obama thinking behind dropping the employer mandate, keeping the individual mandate, and foregoing fraud screenings is to get everyone on Obamacare so it can never be dissolved.

Slews of people will sign up for the subsidized Obamacare exchanges because their employers dropped them, they must have insurance, and no one will be able to check and see if they are lying or not. At least that is the plan.

Subsidies will flow to fraudsters unchecked, but what does Obama care as long as he reaches his goal. Ingenius!

Obamacare was never about the welfare of US citizens and it was always about funneling control to the central government. A government that controls your healthcare, controls all that matters.

Let’s get back to the delay of anti-fraud measures for a moment. While there is a large fine for fraudsters who get caught, it doesn’t seem to stop them. Don’t forget the inefficiency that is rampant in a big government program. Just this month alone, NY auditors found $11.4 million in Medicaid overpayments, mostly from overstated Medicare coinsurance charges and incorrect rate changes. [AP]

NY got $3.8 million of it back. Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says the state’s Medicaid system “continues to be rife with waste.” This is one state in a vast bureaucracy rife with waste.

The Obamacare monstrosity will soon be entombed in our system  of government – one-sixth of our economy – and our healthcare will be completely controlled by the benevolent dictatorship.

The only hope left is if Republicans win the Senate and stop it in its tracks.

One mandate the lawless president has not delayed is the HHS mandate which is poised to take effect on January 1st 2014. The mandate will deprive people of their religious freedom. It requires religious institutions to pay for abortifacients and birth control in violation of their moral and religious conscience.

It doesn’t matter if theses institutions – colleges, welfare agencies, charities, et al – accept government money, they are all being made to do it or get fined out of existence.

Remember Obama’s recent comments to the Irish while he was vacationing in Ireland? He told them to close their Protestant and Catholic schools because they are divisive. That is what Obama is doing with this mandate. Obama believes in religious freedom until he and his statists say otherwise. Any threat to the supremacy of the government must be eliminated.

Again, ingenious! Evil, but ingenious.

Insurers will not be able to make a profit at some point because of the unsustainable mandates, and Obamacare will become a single payer as Obama planned.

Seniors whose Medicare program lost over $700 billion in future payments will eventually dissolve into Obamcare.

Already, doctors are refusing to take new Medicare patients throughout the country – doctors can’t afford to take them. If you like your doctor, you might not keep him or her.

Many large insurers are staying away from the Obamacare exchanges, at least for the first year, so if you like your healthcare plan, you probably won’t keep it.

Obamacare exchanges will be unsustainable as well and will require excessive, ever-increasing taxation. It will be the beast that levies taxation without representation in perpetuity which you can mostly thank Justice Roberts for. He is the one who said it is a tax and not a tax. It is the Supreme Court of the United States which decided the government can now tax anything.

Many of the exchanges which are being fed government grants (taxpayer money) are also being run by far-left organizations. It is far-left organizations who will sign people up to Obamacare and to vote according to the provisions in the bill. It is planned parenthood, the abortion organization, that will be enshrined as a government institution by this law.


If that isn’t enough, the enforcer will be the incompetent and quite nasty IRS. They will be more powerful than ever.

Republicans haven’t shown the inclination to deal with the unconstitutional aspects of this as yet. The House plans to pass a bill that will delay the individual mandate but it will never pass in the senate.


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