Obama’s Alternative Universe: ‘The World Is Better, It’s Safer, It’s More Peaceful, It’s More Prosperous’


all's well

In Obamaland, Afghanistan will no longer see terror attacks and the world in general is safe and peaceful.

As the American involvement in the Afghan war draws down, President Obama assured the troops that Afghanistan will no longer “be a source of terrorist attacks again.”

It must be nice to live in an alternative universe like his where the facts don’t matter.

“We’ve been in continuous war now for over 13 years. Next week we will be ending our combat mission in Afghanistan,” Obama told troops in Hawaii late Thursday, celebrating Christmas.

“Because of the extraordinary service of the men and women in the armed forces, Afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country,” he said. “We are safer. It’s not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again.”

Afghanistan is a Taliban playground and guaranteed to get worse.

“We still have some very difficult missions around the world, including in Iraq,” the president continued. “We still have folks in Afghanistan helping the Afghan security forces. We have people helping to deal with Ebola in Africa and obviously we have folks stationed all around the world.

Do you feel peaceful?

Still, the president said, “the world is better, it’s safer, it’s more peaceful, it’s more prosperous and our homeland is protected because of you and the sacrifices each and every day. So on a day when we celebrate the Prince of Peace and many of us count or blessings one of the greatest blessings we have is the extraordinary dedication and sacrifices you all make. We could not be more thankful. I know I speak for everyone in the entire country when I say, we salute you.”

Are we supposed to just believe this?

Pope Francis was closer to the mark when he said we are engaged in a piecemeal third world war.