Obama’s Bergdahl-Taliban Exchange Had Other Serious Repercussions

Kayla Mueller's heartbroken parents.
Kayla Mueller’s heartbroken parents.

American hostage Kayla Mueller was killed in Syria, possibly at the hands of her ISIS captors. What is new about this story is her parents and family are going to come forward with information about the Obama administration’s handling of her situation. The exchange of five Taliban prisoners [money also exchanged hands] for deserter Bowe Bergdahl made it harder for the parents because it led the terrorists to up their price for her.


It’s necessary to go back in time to August, 2013 at this point. Obama planned to release the five Taliban as a good will gesture in advance of the talks with the “good” Taliban to negotiate a peace in Afghanistan that would give Taliban a role in the new government.

He was going to do it without securing the release of Bergdahl.

Barack Obama raised the ire of Hamid Karzai when he pleaded with the Taliban to meet and negotiate a peace in Afghanistan. Karzai would not engage the terrorists but Obama planned to proceed with his plan. The phony peace was worth any price to him, just as the phony peace with Iran is worth any price. He also wants to empty out GITMO at any price.

In order to secure talks with the Taliban, Obama was hoping to quietly release the five Taliban thugs from GITMO. The Taliban terrorists offered to exchange the captured US soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, for the five Taliban terrorists but Obama appeared to have not accepted their offer at that time.

Obama did make the Taliban promise not to engage in violence.

Kayla Mueller, politics aside and despite her poor choices, didn’t deserve to be tortured and possibly killed by al-Bagdhadi himself. Her heartbroken parents now appear to be going public with the story of their attempts to rescue her that were blocked by the Obama administration.

The parents plan to speak out about “those who hindered us”, referring to the Obama administration officials.

Kayla’s parents, Marsha and Carl Mueller, Kayla’s brother Eric and other family members and friends issued their first statement since the 26-year old from Arizona was killed in Syria after having been held captive for almost two years.

US State Department officials confirmed that she was tortured by ISIS and taken as a “wife” by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who sexually abused her.

The family only has photos of her since her body has not been returned.

The parents saw her as a humanitarian though she was known to be anti-Israel.

“Kayla was given a special heart and mind to not only see suffering in its many forms but to reach out and find a way to help those God placed before her,” reads the statement, released by a spokeswoman for Atlantic Media, the company owned by businessman David Bradley, who attempted to assist the families of Mueller and other American hostages who were being held by the Islamic State.

The statement hints that the family is angry about the fact that the administration wouldn’t allow them to ransom her.

“The heartbreaking story of our efforts to bring Kayla home and of those who helped and those who hindered us will be told,” the family’s statement reads.

The families of James Foley and Steven Sotloff were also not allowed to ransom their loved ones.

The American government shouldn’t ransom but how much they should threaten families who want to ransom their loved ones is another issue, but what makes this so horrific is that we did in effect ransom deserter and some believe, traitor, Bowe Bergdahl, not only for five high risk Taliban, but for money. Money did exchange hands. The US also recently ransomed the sailors held hostage by Iran.

In prior years, the FBI quietly assisted families in paying ransom, but Treasury and State said no to that in these cases.

Families were threatened with prosecution according to the Foleys and Sotloffs.

After the families went public, there was a bit of an uproar and the White House changed its policies and allows “communications with hostage takers” and families won’t be threatened.

How differently they treated the Bergdahl, bearded, Pashto-speaking father who wanted all “innocent” GITMO prisoners released.Those parents were allowed to communicate freely with the Taliban and they were given constant updates. The Sotloffs and Foleys were told nothing.

The Muellers gave one interview to NBC News shortly after their daughter was confirmed killed, admitting they had been in communication with her Islamic State captors, and they were seeking to raise a demanded ransom of $6.2 million. They said, the talks fell apart after the White House agreed in 2014 to trade American soldier Bowe Berghdahl in exchange for five Taliban detainees being held at the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo.

“That made the whole situation worse,” Eric Mueller, Kayla’s brother said. “Because that’s when the demands got greater. They got larger. They realized that they had something. They realized that, ‘Well, if they’re gonna let five people go for one person, why won’t they do ths? Or why won’t they do that.”


The Muellers remain frustrated because the government won’t give them information on how she was treated and what happened to her.

So much for transparency and all that caring the White House pretends they have.

One of the key figures who could unravel lingering questions is Umm Sayyaf, the wife of the Islamic State official in charge of oil and gas money, Abu Sayyaf, who was killed in a Delta Force raid last May. In the raid, Delta Force commandos captured Umm Sayyaf. During debriefings, she is believed to have confirmed accounts from other rescued Yazidi captives, that Mueller had been sexually abused by al-Baghdadi.

Another former U.S. intelligence official familiar with the debriefings said Umm Sayyaf was more responsible than anybody else for the mistreatment of Mueller, saying she was in charge of female captives and participated in “horrific” torture and beatings.

The Kurds have Umm Sayyaf but the US wants her transferred to US custody.

Obama screws up everything he touches.


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