Obama’s BFF Khamenei Tweeted That the U.S. Sponsors Terrorism, Hashtags ISIS


Ayatollah Khamenei is currently tweeting and Facebooking the world to tell them the U.S. is the sponsor of terrorism. He hashtags ISIS in his tweets. Cool, huh?

This is going on while the cowering U.S. and its cowardly EU allies are negotiating a nuke deal that paves the way for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, get relief from sanctions, and anything else they want.

We betrayed our allies for this nuclear deal with a country that sponsors terrorism. Currently we are betraying Saudi Arabia, all of the Arab allies in the region, and we perpetually betray Israel. What we got for it is this new friend – the Ayatollah.

Ayatollah K. claims there is an awakening of the Islamic community that we infidels temporarily halted. That tweet hashtagged Egypt in a not-so-sutble message.

Khamenei met yesterday with ambassadors from numerous Islamic countries and from the looks of it, his summit went better than Obama’s. He had 100% attendance. No one went to a horse show instead. I wonder if Joe Biden went.


Check out Ayatollah K’s tweets.


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