Obama’s Big Tax $$ Giveaway in Paris Promises “Transparent” Global Government


obama arrogant

Barack Obama said we must make sure underdeveloped countries that want to DUMP FOSSIL FUELS have the resources they need. The resources of course are tax dollars from the “rich” countries. It will flow from the U.S. to dictators in poor countries where the people will still be treated badly and will continue to receive few of the benefits.

It’s the opposite of capitalism in that it will be government controlling the economy through climate change.

Also today, Obama promised global governance though it will be “transparent” [as if he knows what that word means]. Transparent and global government are a bit of a conundrum, aren’t they?

Businesses will either be in bed with government or they will be left behind. Capitalism can’t survive in such an environment.

“Let’s secure an agreement…for targets that are not set for us but by each of us…let’s agree to a strong system of transparency that gives us the confidence that all of us are meeting our commitments,” Barack bloviated. “And let’s make sure that the countries that don’t have the full capacity to report on their targets, receive the support that they need. Here in Paris, let’s reaffirm our commitment that resources will be there for countries that willing to do their part to skip the dirty phase of development [fossil fuels].” [Emboldened letters are the authors]

He wants a lot of “capital’ to “drive down the cost of green energy.”

“This afternoon,” he said, he will announce an “historic joint effort” to establish ” public and private clean energy on a global scale.”

Every time he speaks it costs taxpayers money.

John Kerry said India is an obstacle to the deal, according to the Financial Times (FT), but India has said repeatedly they will “cooperate”. India is on board with the climate change redistribution scheme but they want to first get their economy to where they can afford to cut emissions on a grander scale.

In fact, John Kerry is working on bringing them along, and to do that, it will cost us. The administration will pay any price with our money.

India, according to FT, wants a “just” and “equitable” deal for it to be acceptable. They want “carbon space” to develop as other countries did before it.

“Either we remain poor or you need to tell us a paradigm by which people can have a better quality of life with lower energy uses, said Ajay Mathur, a veteran of climate talks and one of New Delhi’s negotiators in Paris.

Perhaps Obama would prefer to put India on some type of welfare dole.

India’s promised to cut its greenhouse gas emission intensity relative to gross domestic product by a third while quadrupling absolute emissions. It’s not a deal breaker, FT reports, given the unambitious targets set by other countries.

What could be a sticking point is that India insists that signatories reaffirm a pledge of $100bn a year in financial flows from rich countries to poor ones from 2020.

Make no mistake, this climate deal is meant to be a permanent redistribution of wealth from the U.S. and the EU to poor countries until we are rich no more. We can all be socialist and live in equal misery.

China will agree to the deal and then not do it.



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