Outrageous! Obama’s Border Patrol Hides Data on Criminal Aliens Allowed Into US


A report was released by Judicial Watch Thursday that indicates U.S. Border Patrol alters statistics involving the apprehension of criminal illegal aliens to “conceal that thousands are being released” according to a new federal audit. It’s actually tens of thousands at least.

This is more of Obama proving he’s a hard-left extremist hiding behind two thousand dollar suits and a charming demeanor.

Border Patrol has been mandated under Obama to skew numbers to “drastically deflate” the high recidivism of illegal aliens caught entering the U.S.

Sanctuary cities flourish because of Obama and there are more Kate Steinle’s out there because of him.

Federal agents are ordered to fudge the numbers to protect illegal aliens and portray the border as safe when it isn’t.

After analyzing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data, the GAO investigators determined that an astounding 94% (109,080) of the 116,409 aliens given a consequence of warrant or notice to appear still had an open case and “may remain in the United States.”

Thousands more escaped criminal prosecution because they were not properly classified – deliberately.

Instead of accepting the reality and letting agents do their job, the Department of Justice put a limit on how many criminal aliens can be referred for prosecution.

Once this daily limit is reached, agents must apply an alternative consequence that is not the Most Effective and Efficient as defined by the CDS guide.

Recidivism numbers are kept down by using an unscrupulous system that only classifies an apprehended illegal alien as recidivist if he or she had been previously caught within a fiscal year.

In one outrageous case cited in the report an “alien apprehended 54 times in the Rio Grande Valley sector between October 2012 and May 2015 was classified as a First Time Apprehension 6 times.”

This is why the Border Patrol endorsed a candidate for president. That candidate was Donald Trump.

At the same time, Obama released another 330 federal drug felons, most were guilty of gun crimes and 568 of the total number he has released so far were serving life sentences.

That brings the total number released by Obama to a record-breaking 1,715, more than any president has ever released.

King Obama decided the sentences were too severe for the mostly minority population. Their sentences had already been pled down, however.

This is the president, the only president, to not see 3% GDP in his entire two terms because of his socialist policies. He has literally done almost nothing right but enjoys nearly 60% popularity thanks to the media.


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