Obama’s Cash Payout to Iran Traced Back to Terror Groups


Barack Obama’s cash payout of $1.7 billion, some or all of it, has been traced back to terror groups.

We all know that Iran sends cash to their favorite terrorists. The cash is used to cover their tracks. Despite that, Barack Obama sent the money we “owed them” in three separate cash payments? That was $1.7 billion that should have been preserved until a lawsuit was settled seeking restitution by the families of soldiers and civilians murdered by Iran.

Why did Barack Obama send the world’s largest sponsors of terrorism any money, much less cash?

In September 2016, the State Department’s Spokesman Mark Toner finally acknowledged that the U.S. used three separate payments, each in hard foreign currency to settle a dispute with Iran over frozen Iranian assets.


What you won’t hear in the mainstream media is that the government traced that money back to terror groups, including Hezbollah and other smaller groups.

In a sane world, people would care that Barack Obama, John Kerry and others in the former administration gave nearly two billion dollars to a terrorist nation that wants to destroy the United States and Israel. They knew “some” of it would go to terrorism. John Kerry acknowledged it at the time.

John Kerry said some of the money will go to terrorists.

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