Obamas Cheer College Signing, Run Up Big Loans, Day!


The curriculum in universities has become indoctrination studies, politicized in too many fields in too many schools. The new college experience reflects the communist concept of social justice. The courses are often taught by communist and socialist professors. From there, students often go home with huge loans to live with their parents and work a dead end job.

Not everyone agrees with us. Many, already infused with the ideology, think it’s a wonderful time to live in the USA.

The dangerous duo, Michelle and Barack, are putting out a nasty Netflix documentary of the President, because, for them, it’s propaganda all the time.

In the clip below, Michelle congratulates the incoming Freshmen, claiming, “it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your future.”

Today, that’s not necessarily true. Sorry, but we can’t enjoy it with you. Liberals and Leftists are destroying education.

Not everyone thinks college is still a great experience.

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