Obama’s Climate Power Plan Is One Step Closer to Centralized World Government


Barack Obama came into office to fundamentally transform us into a nation in which all power and authority rests in a central government with a handful of elites ruling the ignorant peons. Many times, Barack Obama has shown his disdain for the American voter who he claims are “bitterclingers” who only fail to support him and his policies because it hasn’t been explained well enough for their feeble brains.

Since he assumed office, he has slowly and in plain sight federalized everything he possibly could and has ignored the Constitution at every turn. As Mark Levin said last night on The Sean Hannity Show, “we don’t have a Republic right now.” He doesn’t know what we are.

Global warming was made-to-order for leftists like Barack Obama. It can be used to transform every aspect, take over every pillar of society, while at the same time shaming opponents. An example of how effective it is can be seen in the way money is being spent in every government agency. Huge amounts in every department, including the Department of Defense and Education, are spent on global warming initiatives.

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCG), which exists because of U.S. taxpayer funding, insists “global warming” is responsible for causing terrorism and all manner of evil on earth. The Pope has also bought into this ideology and is making it into a sin if we don’t subscribe to it.

The job of Big Government is to grow. It does not create jobs, it does not support freedom or individuality, it promotes one Big Government.

The regulations are destroying coal. In West Virginia, mines are being shuttered and thousands are out of work. The goal is to be 100% free from fossil fuels in the near future. The replacement will be costly and inefficient energy which relies in part on outsourcing to China.

Martin O’Malley, a presidential hopeful and a prospect vice presidential selection, wants to go even further than Barack Obama. It’s not that Obama and the other leftists don’t want to go this far, they just know that there is less resistance when they proceed slowly. They’re patient people.

If you want to know where they are headed, read what Martin O’Malley wants because as the left gains in power, they will step up the timetable.

“I would take aggressive executive action and fight for legislation to slash emissions and put our nation on track to be powered by 100% renewable energy within 35 years.

As President, I would fight for federal legislation for a cap on carbon emissions from all sources.”

He also said on day one that he would reject Keystone XL and all similar projects, end drilling in Alaska, the arctic, off the coasts and fine fossil fuel companies more so he can use the money for jobs and skills training as if that has worked well so far. He would also pour the money into solar and wind projects which would necessarily be run by his cronies.

Big Government is crony socialism. It is crony corporatism. Global warming regulations have left private landowners without the ability to use their own land and it’s getting worse.

Half of the West belongs to the federal government, including 48% of California, 69.1% of Alaska, 53.1% of Oregon, 48.1% of Arizona, 42.3% of Wyoming, 41.8% New Mexico, 36.6% of Colorado, 62% of Idaho, 66.5% of Utah and 81% of Nevada.


Global warming is the accelerant for the largest land grab in history and it is insatiable. It keeps growing. The beauty of global warming and globalization for the leftists is that it can grow worldwide and is no longer limited to borders.

Global government and taxation can be instituted easily under global warming. It abandons sovereignty and the rule of law, substituting it for governance by Marxist policy and greed. It creates one state and the fear of the useful idiots who subscribe to Marxism unwittingly becomes reality under this plan. We all become drones for the elite.


Obama’s Climate Power Plan, announced by Gina McCarthy, has been made as bulletproof as possible but it hardly matters because the Supreme Court has been politicized and has moved left.

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Herbert R.
7 years ago

Satan attempts to create a perfect world devoid of God: world peace without the presence of Christ; economic panaceas without divine provision; multi-culturalism, secular education, environmentalism as man’s hope and preservation; and legislation of morality and welfare as man’s personal security. Herding us into cities will make us easier to control.

jim batausa
jim batausa
7 years ago

I will believe in alternative energy such as wind and solar if Obama Airforce One flies on it. You have to cover all the earth and see with windmills and solar power still is not reliable to depend on. Until the jets flies on supply of air and cars runs on water then we don’t need gasoline and fossil power.