Common Core Pre-K, The Life of Julia, It’s Coming


Universal Pre-K is inching its way towards reality through programs being implemented at the state level which are funded by federal tax dollars. The infamous Common Core for pre-K is part of the plan. The result will be The Life of Julia, cradle to grave socialism.

The Obama administration has so far awarded a billion dollars in Race to the Top money to 20 states to set up pre-K programs throughout their states. His 2014 budget has another $75 billion to be spent over the next ten years for pre-K for four-year olds from low-income and moderate-income families.

Obama plans to develop programs with ‘multiple funding streams’ to educate children from birth through age five. Arne Duncan said it will ‘strengthen and build a thriving middle class’.

Mostly what it will do is redistribute wealth.

The HHS press release linked below outlines what can only be described as Common Core Standards, Standards which will tie the state programs together and give the federal government a strong hand in controlling what goes on in the programs.

According to HHS, the federal Standards are for:

  • Establishing culturally, linguistically, and developmentally appropriate early learning and development standards across all the essential domains of school readiness for children from birth to kindergarten entry.
  • Ensuring that quality program standards are applied to all early learning programs in the state.
  • Building and improving state Tiered Quality Rating and Improvement Systems designed to inform parents about the quality of early learning programs and drive improvements to the quality of those programs.
  • Promoting health and family engagement strategies.

They call it child care but it’s really government care of your child. Parents will see their roles in their child’s life greatly diminished if they buy into this Life of Julia plan for our country.

Obama’s plan is for the government to social engineer Americans from age 0 to death.

This latest circumvention of Congress, who has refused to vote for universal pre-K so far, is administered by the US Department of Education and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

In the first year, the Departments received 37 applications and nine states were awarded grants: California, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island and Washington. In 2012, five additional highest-rated states were awarded grants: Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, Oregon and Wisconsin. This year, it’s Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New Jersey and Vermont.

Universal pre-K with Common Core Standards will help bring the Life of Julia to fruition.

Obama spelled his vision out for us with his pre-election ads depicting the Life of Julia, with its 6 slides of Julia’s completely government-dominated existence from age 3 to 67. It gives a very clear picture of what he believes and where he is taking us. It is in direct conflict with the ideals that made America great – individual liberty, good living, and self-fulfillment.

life of julia

This is the ideological dream of modern liberal-statism. He is creating a state that takes care of its citizens and non-citizens from cradle to grave. The Life of Julia is integral to Obama’s vision for America. It is the symbol of his view of government’s role in each individual’s life.

Julia’s entire life is defined by her interactions with the state. Government is everywhere and each step of her life is tied to a government program. There are no parents, no husband, no relatives, no family unit, no church, just the government.

The Obama vision is a highly cynical view of family, individual liberty, and earned success. Universal pre-K will turn children over to the State at an early age, with Common Core standards as its centrifuge.

Check out this spoof of the Life of Julia on this link.

Information can be found at HHS Press Releases

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