Obama’s Delusional Priorities


While ISIS is threatening to kill us on our own soil or “in any place”, Mr. Obama went off to the NATO conference to reassure them we are there for them – we really are. Mr. Obama took an entire day to say anything about the horrific death of Steven Sotloff, the second American journalist beheaded by ISIS.

He did however rail in fury the entire Labor Day weekend over the minimum wage hike he wants for unskilled and low-skilled workers.

Americans didn’t see rage equal to the minimum wage rage for Steven Sotloff who suffered a horrific death for reporting the news. When Obama did finally speak, he was subdued, though he called it an act of barbarism, inexplicably claiming the “murderers” – not terrorists – “have already failed”.

When Obama’s not fundraising, he’s campaigning and fundraising, except when he’s golfing.

Obama is a social justice warlord. He wants equalized pay. Obama wants the government to decide who makes how much.

The labor unions are preparing riots and protests against food chains who don’t pay $15 or $17 an hour to their unskilled and low-skilled workers. It’s a ruse to bring out the Democratic vote.

Mr.Obama failed to stop and give a speech about Mr. Sotloff on his way to the NATO conference, though we know he said it was a shame while on board the plane.

We all know it was a shame.

No White House representative at the funeral of a two-star general murdered by terrorists in Afghanistan in a green-on-blue attack. Terrorist attacks are called workplace violence and terrorists are given excuses for attacks – the video made them do it. It’s always the U.S.’s fault. Mr. Obama has agreed with the terrorists on this issue.


Mr. Obama reserved his fury for the minimum wage.



In the video clip below, check out the man wearing a shirt with the communist fist right behind Obama (it’s the Stand with Wisconsin commie shirt). How is that for optics? Stand with Wisconsin were occupier types, including teachers, who were violent, disorderly, and mostly communist. Do you get it yet? He stands with those people.

Mr. Obama wants control over private companies, especially those that aren’t unionized. It’s his ideology. Biden echoed it with the “fair share” mantra.

Watch the clip.

British care worker, David Haynes, will be slaughtered next.

David Haynes

ISIS has a 5-year plan to carve out their caliphate from Spain to half of Africa to China, perhaps including parts of China.They have taken the Northern part of Syria and much of Iraq. They are currently pushing into Lebanon.

5 year plan to expand into spain isis

ISIS is at war with the U.S. but Mr. Obama has been careful to say we are not at war with them.

At the State Department briefing yesterday, paid spokesliar, Jen Psaki, indicated the administration will not seek a declaration of war against ISIS but they are using the War Powers Act to bomb ISIS just the same.

The law is used when it’s convenient. Mr. Obama would not use the War Powers Act in the case of Libya which he and Hillary counted as one of their achievements. Libya is now a failed state and radical Islam is in control of Tripoli. Eleven commercial airliners are missing from the Libyan airport. Obviously, they can be used for suicide attacks.

Fox News reporter James Rosen carefully exposed the Obama confusion by guiding Psaki through questions and answers. Read the transcript.


Rosen: What is the legal authority under which President Obama has launched the more than 100 air strikes that you just referenced?

Psaki: In Iraq? Well, the Iraqi government has invited the United States in to help them address this threat and that’s the legal authority.

Rosen: And he has reported to Congress on this subject, has he not?

Psaki: Yep.

Rosen: Under the aegis of what statute?

Psaki: He does War Powers Acts every time there’s a need to notify Congress.

Rosen: So we have a commander in chief that launched more than 100 air strikes at a given enemy who is reporting to the Congress under the aegis of the War Powers Act. Who is watching our people beheaded by this enemy, but who for some reason feels queasy about saying that we are in fact at war with this enemy?

Psaki: James, I think — I’m not going to put new words into the mouth of the President of the United States. My point is that his actions to authorize these strikes, his effort to send Secretary Kerry, Secretary Hagel, any resource we have in the United States to lead the building of a coalition speak to his commitment to his commitment to taking on this threat. And of course we want to see ISIL destroyed, but that is not an overnight effort.

On Thursday, Pentagon Spokesperson Kirby said we’re not at war, we’re combatting them.


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