Obama’s Destruction of Small Business



It took me a while to truly understand that Big Business and Big Government really are in cahoots under this crony socialist administration. President Obama is supported by big business and he, in turn, supports them. It took me even longer to realize President Obama is opposed to a small business or does not see its value. What else would explain his destructive actions towards small businesses?

It is the small business that suffers from his regulations the most in part because they cannot afford them. We see the same thing going on with banks. The Dodd-Frank bill is putting small banks out of business and large banks are doing just fine.

Small business owners are about 3% of the population but they employ about 40% of the people, yet this administration holds them in little regard. They are the backbone of capitalism.

The NFIB [National Federation of Independent Business] is currently working on one case involving free speech in which the National Labor Relations Board is requiring small businesses to put up posters and other information that favor unions which they don’t want to put up as private businesses.

One EPA lead-free rule will make it almost impossible to renovate or do any construction on a pre-1978 building. It’s totally unnecessary besides.

Scrap metal, boilers, and extreme control of greenhouse gases are only a few of the latest overreaches under the Clean Air Act. The CCA has been used to enforce highly abusive rules that have no merit and will do nothing to make our planet cleaner.

Socialists use agencies to control the people. That may well be what this is about as opposed to it being about a cleaner planet.

Check out  NFIB for the latest information on the EPA’s overreach into small businesses.


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