Obama’s DHS Chief Nuked the Russia Case! The DNC Obstructed Justice


Former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson testified Wednesday that the DNC – Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and, later, Donna Brazile – would not allow DHS to help after their computers were hacked. The DNC would not let government experts look at their computers.

The DNC heads rejected help from the FBI as well.

Mr. Johnson said the Russians definitely hacked the DNC computers. Though Johnson didn’t say it, by rejecting the help of government agencies, the DNC obstructed justice.

There’s more. Jeh Johnson also testified that there’s no evidence of Russia collusion with the Trump campaign.

Obstruction of justice by the Democratic National Committee

Even Obama’s DHS chief had no idea why the DNC would not accept assistance from the DHS. Johnson said his interest was non-partisan and he “was not pleased” DHS was “not in there helping them to patch this vulnerability”.

Perhaps the DNC didn’t want anyone to know there was no Russia-Trump collusion? Maybe they were hiding their own transgressions.

The DNC said they were using Crowdstrike to examine their computers when they declined all government assistance.

There was “no level of cooperation” with the government, Johnson said.

Russians hacked DNC computers

Johnson also testified he was certain the Russians hacked the DNC computers. There is no evidence, however, that Russians altered any votes, he added.

How is it possible to be certain when DHS and the FBI haven’t seen the computers?

No Trump collusion

At the same time, Johnson testified he saw no evidence of collusion between Trump, the Trump team and the Russians. They knew in July the computers were hacked but only became concerned when they were published.

Former President Obama knew Russians were hacking government agencies and did nothing about it.

The full testimony below.

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