Outrageous: Obama Gave An Anti-Gun Speech in the Wake of Horrific Oregon Shooting


Obama was front and center on his philosophy today – never let a good crisis go to waste.

The twenty-six year old shooter, Chris Harper Mercer, at a Umpqua Community College in Oregon was killed by police after an exchange of fire after he killed 10 to 13 and injured 7 to 20 according to current reports, but the story is evolving. The gunman is dead.

Barack Obama obviously wants the people in this rural area to be without guns to protect themselves which he made clear in his speech.

In the most idiotic statement of the day, the college president said the college was not a gun free zone but it would be tomorrow.


We don’t even know for sure how many are dead in Oregon or who they are and Obama has already called for disarming Americans and leaving them without any way to defend themselves against insane people who would do something like this.

Obama issued a statement via Josh Earnest:

“The issue of sensible steps that can be taken to protect our communities from gun violence continues to be a top priority of this administration,” press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters. […]

Earnest said the “vast majority of Americans” support stricter gun laws, including closing the so-called gun-show loophole. But he said Obama is “realistic” about the dim prospects of congressional action on gun control.

“The president has been quite candid about how this is and has been a source of frustration for him,” he said.

The fact is nothing will stop crazed psychopathic gunmen.

Obama, who doesn’t care about Christian genocide or half the people in this country, and who doesn’t care if he lets terrorists and cartel members into the country, is very angry about this shooting incident. How believable is that?

Obama gave a speech addressing the shootings this afternoon and had to read every word of his speech. The NY Times said he was “clearly outraged.” Apparently so much so that he had to read every word. It would be better if he reserved this outrage for Putin and the Ayatollah instead of legal gun owners.

Obama said this is becoming routine. That’s true if he means his hometown of Chicago. Since 2012, there have been 6,000 shootings in Chicago and over 1600 murders, and Chicago has extremely stringent gun laws. They were confiscating guns and shutting down gun shops unconstitutionally.

Obama doesn’t even mention the carnage in Chicago – ever – and he ignores the fact that the gun laws are not enforced. A minuscule number of gun violations are prosecuted. Obama releases violent drug dealers who use guns.

He challenged the media. “Have news organizations tally up the number of Americans who’ve been killed through terrorist attacks in the last decade and the number of Americans who’ve been killed by gun violence, and post those side-by.” He’s comparing two unlike entities.

You can listen to his disgusting speech at the New York Times.

This so-called leader wants to leave us defenseless. Crimes like the one that took place in Oregon are the reason law abiding people need guns.

Obama knows he is going to anger half the people in this country but he does it anyway. He’s such a divider.


USA Today reported that one student, Kortney Moore, 18, told News Review-Today that she was in her writing class in Snyder Hall when a single shot came through a window.

Moore said she saw her teacher get shot in the head, apparently after the gunman came into the classroom. At that point, Moore told the newspaper, the shooter ordered everyone to get on the ground. The shooter then asked people to stand up and state their religion and then started firing, Moore said.

The shooting took place in Professor Larry Levine’s class.



  1. The author of this article and all those who support the environment that allows this senseless gun violence are a bunch of unpatriotic idiots who do not put the best interests of America first but cling on to a stupid ideology. These deaths are one you!

    • The Second Amendment isn’t an ideology. Leftists who want to take inherent rights away are unpatriotic. Gun laws don’t deal with poverty, poor education and career training, child abuse, drugs, mental illness, or the illegal gun trade. We don’t enforce the gun laws we have.

  2. There are too many mass shootings in America. It is obvious that you need better gun control. In Canada we don’t see this sort of violence. What will it take for you to wake up America? How is it outrageous to give an anti-gun speech in the wake of a horrific Oregon shooting? It is completely appropriate.

  3. I like how the article conveniently forgot to mention that the shooter was a catholic and was sympathetic to the Irish republican army a terrorist organization and was killing Christians because of the beliefs of the IRA not Allah, all you idiots are just bigots that are quick to scapegoat people. State the facts and don’t stereotype. – a Muslim

  4. Seems to me all the shooters in all or most of the shootings are white people. Our tendency is to say they are mentally ill but they all seem to hate someone.

    You don’t need to be crazy to hate, if that is the standard they would have made anti gun laws long ago. Now I’m listening to an idiot on tv saying God would have stopped it all, only people, good decent people can stop this issue.

  5. Wait a second. I thought Oregon was also an anti-murder state? I think we should have stricter laws on killing people. They said that the campus was not a gun-free zone, but now it will be. They did not mention if the campus was a murder-free zone or not. Will they make sure that the campus becomes a murder-free zone now? Where else in the U.S. have we forgotten to implement murder-free zones?
    It doesn’t matter if something is a whatever-free zone, those who want to kill, murder, or harm others in some manner will do so, unless someone who has the means and protection to do so steps in. Example, if someone is charging at me with a baseball bat or knife, in a area that is not a baseball bat-free zone or knife-free zone, but that is a gun-free zone, how will I protect myself? I know, I will outrun them with my torn ACL and broken leg. Oh and don’t forget it is not a murder-free zone. 😉
    Obama is one of the worse individuals that have been elected into the presidential office. His comments and ideas are just asinine.

  6. … odd that the college president would say such a thing, given that according to that college’s student handbook, you have to have the written permission of the school to carry.

    I’m willing to bet the shooter didn’t. How’s this guy think continuing to tell people “no guns allowed” is going to help?

  7. Interesting to read about his affection for the IRA so maybe this is the beginning of a war among Christian factions? The less we talk religion and inject it in the political campaign the better for the US and its citizens. All the talking heads on the right are doing is stoking the fires of fear and violence

    • I see all the hate and name calling comes from people like you. This shooter recently converted to Islam. That is why he ordered the people to stand up and state their religion. He wasn’t crazy at all like Obama stated. He was doing this in the name of Allah. Off duty police and vets could have helped earlier than regular police arrived if they had been allowed to carry weapons. What do you think the SS carries every day to protect Obama, his daughters and Muchelle. There were no weapons allowed to protect these victims.

    • Really, is that why he sent 3 representatives to a BLACK THUGS funeral but totally ignores a decorated veteran’s funeral. Because the rest of us are RACISTS??? He is the most anti-American, Anti-christian president in history. Sure, Bring all the Syrian MUSLIM refugees who are quite likely terrorist but not the Syrian christians who are truly trying to escape ISIS. !!!! How anyone could still believe in THIS man is just beyond belief !!!!! And not 1 word to the family of Kathy Steinle who was murdered by an ILLEGAL alien who had been deported several times before. But I guess that just doesn’t fit his agenda !!!!

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