Obama’s Dog Whistle to Fundamentalist Islamists



Whether Barack Obama is deliberately sending a message to fundamentalist Islamists is not clear but what is clear is Obama went to a mosque tied to terrorism this past week and terrorists hear it as a dog whistle.

Obama has used dog whistle politics. As one example, in the 2012 election cycle, Obama’s campaign ran an ad that said Mitt Romney is “not one of us.” The ad, which Washington Post journalist Karen Tumulty said “echoes a slogan that has been used as a racial code over at least the past half-century”, ran in Ohio, a state that is only 0.52% Mormon [Romney is a Mormon].

The Islamic Center of Baltimore he visited this past week was home to the terrorist who targeted a Federal building. The mosque has been under FBI surveillance for almost seven years.

One of the mosque’s members plotted to bomb an Army recruiting center not far from the mosque in Catonsville, Md.

Agents secretly recorded a number of conversations with a 25-year-old Muslim convert — Antonio Martinez, aka Muhammad Hussain — and other Muslims who worshipped there. According to the criminal complaint, Martinez said he knew “brothers” who could supply him weapons and propane tanks.

It’s been a breeding ground for extremists.

The Shariah-compliant mosque was led for 15 years by a radical cleric — Imam Mohamad Adam el-Sheikh — who once represented a federally designated al-Qaida front group. El-Sheikh also has argued for the legitimacy of suicide bombings, according to the Washington Post.

Perhaps the site was not properly vetted. The White House is filled with incompetents.

They allegedly let the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) choose the site, even though the FBI has banned CAIR from outreach because of known ties to the Hamas terrorist group and The Muslim Brotherhood.

The president who has oddly chosen to be a Christian is a frequent critic of Christianity but appears to see no wrong in Islam. Radicals are not Islamists according to him. Un-Christianlike Christians are Christians in his world.

Is he sending a message to terrorist Islamists willingly or unwittingly? Does it matter?


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