Obama’s Embarrassed Congress Won’t Approve Loretta Lynch Who Will Obviously Violate the Law


Obama embarrassed

Obama is embarrassed because Loretta Lynch has not been confirmed as attorney general – the chief law enforcement officer of the land. He’s attributing this to dysfunction in Congress when he knows full well the real problem is that she will not promise to uphold the law of the land and sees no limitations on the office of the presidency.

Loretta Lynch obviously supports Barack Obama’s amnesty and she supports giving illegal aliens jobs even though it’s illegal.

She would not commit to any limitations on presidential power. It was painful listening to her during the hearings.

In the next video taken Friday during the joint press conference with the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Barack Obama lied and said no one can give a reason for not confirming her even though he knows there are several reasons in addition to her being willing to break the law.

It’s a bald-faced lie. It’s not even spin. It’s just a lie.

One major reason she isn’t being confirmed is that she won’t answer most questions and when she does she indicates she will break the law. How do  you approve someone like that?

This is an aside, but did you notice how he likes to embarrass the Congress before the world as he claims they’re embarrassing?

Partial-birth abortion is illegal but she signed onto a Planned Parenthood brief to make it legal. Then she tried to sidestep the issue when confronted. She said she focused ‘on the issue of the facial aspect of the law and how it might impact law enforcement’s discretion and independence’. That’s meaningless gibberish meant to deflect and it’s dishonest.

In case you don’t know what partial-birth abortion is, you need to look it up. If we do that to the unborn, we might as well go back to the days of drawing and quartering people. There is no difference.

Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana sent her a letter Thursday asking if she’d investigate Hillary’s email scandal and she would not commit. As Sen. Vitter said, there is reason to believe she won’t uphold the law.

Obama was nasty as usual, claimed he was embarrassed, and said “Enough! Enough!” I’ve had enough of his statist ideals, nasty rhetoric and constitutional violations. His voice makes me cringe but I listen to him to report to you so you don’t have to listen to him.