Obama’s Ethics Chief Won’t Call Brian Kemp a “Normal Head of the State”


The Hill has a very misleading article about Obama’s former “ethics” chief complaining in a tweet about Governor-elect Brian Kemp. Norm Eisen complained that Kemp should not be treated as a “normal head of the state”.

“I was a U.S. ambassador,” Eisen, former U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic, tweeted on Sunday, linking to an article about those who were allegedly prevented from voting during the Georgia elections. “If my host country had attacked democracy in this way, I would have publicly slammed them & called for economic sanctions.”

“I certainly would not have treated the ‘winning’ candidate is a normal head of the state, & we should not do so here,” Eisen added.

The article then went on with sore loser Stacey Abrams’ complaints that voters were suppressed.

They also included Ari Berman’s dishonest tweet.

They included nothing about Brian Kemp’s version of events, but we will. Democrats are making the United States into a Banana Republic.

AG Conservative, a highly respected Twitter user has addressed each point.

1.The “1.5 million purged” is the total number of voters that have been removed from the rolls since 2012. Many have been removed because they moved, committed felonies, died etc. The overwhelming majority of the rest were removed because of Georgia’s “Use it or lose it” law.

This law was passed in 1997 by A Dem legislature and a Dem Governor in Georgia. Similar laws have been upheld by SCOTUS. It requires the rolls to be updated by removing voters that have not voted for some time and do not respond to contact from the state.

Worth noting that the reason there was a large spike in 2017 was that the legally required maintenance was not done in 2015. 3 state officials oversee this effort to prevent major errors. None of them are Brian Kemp.

2. “53K registrations on hold” These registrations were labeled pending, but that occurred because there was some discrepancy between their registration and their files. All of these voters could still vote w/ normal ballots as long as they provided ID at the polling place.
3. 4.5 Hour lines. Yes, there were long lines at some polling locations. That happens on election day. GA does have early voting options. Local officials manage those place and it has little to do with the Secretary of State.
4. “214 polling places closed” This is the total number of polling places closed across the state since 2012. Those places were consolidated with other locations to save money. Those decisions were made by local County officials to save money, and have 0 to do with Kemp.
5.“Dems falsely accused of cyber crimes” This one probably has the most basis for controversy, but the investigation is still pending. Dems hired cybersecurity experts to test a voter info page after a report from a voter about vulnerabilities. This raised red flags.

I don’t think Kemp’s office handled the allegation in #5 well, especially given how close they were to the election, but almost all of the other examples were legitimate activities that had little to do with Kemp. Creation of a myth to suggest otherwise undermines our elections.

To conclude: There is a high burden to justify claiming an election was stolen. Dems, included elected officials, have not met that burden and should be condemned for saying so without evidence. Stacey Abrams lost a legitimate election. Period.


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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Totalitarian Democracy of Abrams is the root cause of these inflamed protests.

James Cool
James Cool
5 years ago

The Republicans need to start screaming louder than the damn baby Democrats. Even if we win we lose. Trump has done an outstanding job and could do a lot more if the establishment Republicans hadn’t decided to take the ball and go, the f, home. I hope all Republicans understand what I just said because they wanted a minority party again so they don’t have to put their big boy pants on a be willing to take the hard votes. We would have supported them without fail if they would have pushed through funding for the wall and got way tougher on immigration. We need a couple of decades to get over the illegality of the Obama reign of terror to catch up.Their donors apparently saw more response from the Liberals so they funded them instead. It sucks when you love your country but hate about 1/2 of its’ people.