Obama’s Evil Disregard of Genocide


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Obama will never recognize the genocide of Christians and the eradication of Christianity in the very lands where it was born.

Nothing gets in the way of Obama’s fundamental transformation of the United States or of his bias against Christians. He might declare Yezidis a minority suffering the genocidal wrath of the radical Islamists but not if it means he also has to include Christians. He’s still fighting the Crusades on the side of the radical Muslims of the time.

The horror that Christians face in no way reaches the heart of the narcissistic Marxist in the White House.

Sister Ban Saeed spoke about the horror Christians face with Carol Costello of CNN. They spoke about the genocide Obama ignores. The most Obama will say is more Muslims are killed by ISIS.

The smallest children want to fight ISIS so they can go home.

COSTELLO (voice-over): “What is happening to Christians in Pope Francis’ words is genocide. Thousands displaced by ISIS, their lives forever changed. you can see in this child’s face in a refugee camp under Kurdish control, see it in a play put on by refugee Christian actors who share a community’s grief on stage. I talked with Sister Ban over the internet. Can you still hear me? A Dominican nun caring for Christian children at this refugee camp. The connection was tenuous, but we managed. Sister, how do you explain ISIS to the children?”

SAEED: “They understand to be very, very dangerous, they would say they would like to be an Assad soldier to find ISIS and we can can go back to our home.”

COSTELLO: “So everyone even the smallest children want to fight ISIS soldiers?”

SAEED: “Yes, the four to five years children.”

They were middle class people living normal lives. They lost everything and ran for their lives. They now live in shipping containers as refugees.

COSTELLLO: “Millions of people of various religions have fled, among them hundreds of thousands of Christians from Syria and Iraq. Sister Donna is president of catholic charities USA.

MARKHAM: “August of 2014, August 6 to be precise, ISIS came in and all of the Christians were essentially evicted from their homes. So their contents, their schools, their hospitals, their everything, their mother house, everything was lost. So she left with they left with the closes on their backs and ran from their lives.”

COSTELLLO: “They ran from their happy lives, nuns ran from their convent to a refugee camp. they now live in shipping containers, electricity goes in and out. food is scarce. but they have no choice.”

It’s interesting that they want to go home. They are not looking to come to the US. We need to secure safe zones for these people.


Barack Obama lives as a king lives. He is spending millions on vacation in Hawaii without any hesitation. He could care loss that these people have lost their dignity. He certainly holds Christians in no regard.

According to figures obtained by Judicial Watch, over the past three years, Obama’s Hawaii Christmas vacations alone have cost taxpayers $15,540,515.10 just in transportation expenses. This includes outbound and return flight expenses in 2012 totaling $4,086,355.20.

The Obamas Ireland trip cost $7,921,638.66.

See the extensive list at Judicial Watch.

The Obamas have spent over 44 million dollars in taxpayer money on travel and vacations. Some are even calling him the “most well-traveled, expensive” president in our nation’s history, the Daily Caller reported.

He has the audacity to transform our country into his socialist/communist vision while ignoring foreign policy completely. At the same time he demands we give up our lifestyles and cut back on energy, he is living decadently and flying around on gas-guzzling planes.

Meanwhile, his incompetence has caused a mass movement of people who are escaping the disaster he helped create.


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