Obama’s Failed Policies in Iraq Has Them Turning to Iran and Al Qaeda for Help



Iraq is relying more-and-more on the terrorist nation of Iran for their security. Some rebel groups have turned to al Qaeda for help. Iraq gave up on the U.S. a long time ago.

Iraq is no longer a country, it’s a divided land ruled by gangs. Mr. Obama is sitting idly by.

Mr. Obama left Iraq without a status of forces agreement and it was obvious he didn’t want one. There are no U.S. soldiers to help keep Iraq together and to help villagers fend off brutal terrorists.

Iraqi Ambassador to Tehran Mohammad Majid Al-Sheikh said that Iraq is eager to use “Iran’s experiences and possibilities” on dealing with terrorism.

He added that some regional countries are providing military and financial support to terrorists. That’s rich since Iran is a nation that has sponsored terrorism for decades. They are currently involved in terrorism in Syria where they are setting up a satellite government.

Mr. Obama has made Iran into a more powerful player on the world stage. He has given them a voice, money, trade possibilities and left nations in the region without anyone else to turn to. It’s obvious we can’t be trusted. The Islamo-fascist nation of Iran is fast becoming the most powerful nation in the region.

Banana republic style elections are going on now in Iraq. Another runoff will take place on April 30th.

According to the Washington Post, the country is slipping into Civil War. A Sunni insurgent group known as the Tribal Revolutionaries believes they are winning. They have turned to extremist groups like al Qaeda for help.

PM Nouri al-Maliki is relying more and more on Iranian-trained Shiite militias. At one point, Maliki was working with the tribesmen but he refused to pay them and they abandoned him. Maliki refused to give Sunnis a voice in the government and they felt marginalized.

Village after village is being decimated and public buildings are being taken over after gangland style battles. The fighting is constant, brutal, and countrywide. Many of the villagers flee and it’s not likely they will vote on Wednesday, which is what some believe Maliki wants.

The Sunnis won’t abandon the use of terrorists because they are fierce fighters.

The Tribal Revolutionaries would work with the U.S. according to some, but Iraq is now a failed state run by gangs and it would be much more difficult than it was in the past. There is also no question that Mr. Obama has no interest in helping Iraq.

It’s tragic, not only because of all the U.S. lives lost, but because of the Iraqi lives that were lost and continue to be lost. We won the war and lost the peace and generations of hopeful Iraqis are suffering at the hands of terrorists.  Mr. Obama can blame Bush but it is his 6 years of failed policies that need to be looked at. Bush won Iraq and Obama gave it back to the terrorists.




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