Obama’s Former DHS Secretary Tries to Save Dems from Themselves


Democrats are starting to worry that the candidates have exposed their hard-left tendencies. Speaker Pelosi, a far-left Democrat, claims the four loudest — AOC, Ilhan, Rashida, and Ayanna — are only four, four people, four votes. The truth is there are many more who agree with them but who keep it to themselves.

Obama’s former DHS Secretary is reading the tea leaves and the potential losses for the party if they continue showing their cards. He is trying to bring some sanity to their extreme open borders positions.


Jeh Johnson wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post trying to pull them from the brink. It isn’t only open borders that is the problem, however, it’s every imaginable issue.

In the piece, he called the immigration policies of the Democratic presidential candidates “extreme.” He called their rejection of deportation and calls to decriminalize illegal border crossings examples of “extreme.”

“We cannot, as some Democratic candidates for president now propose, publicly embrace a policy not to deport those who enter or remain in this country illegally unless they commit a crime. This is tantamount to a public declaration (repeated and amplified by smugglers in Central America) that our borders are effectively open to all; this will increase the recent levels of monthly apprehensions at our southern border — about or more than 100,000 — by multiples,” Johnson wrote in a Washington Post column.

“For the same reason, we cannot formally decriminalize unauthorized entry into this country, though first-time illegal border crossers are, in fact, rarely prosecuted for that misdemeanor (except for last year’s disastrous “zero-tolerance” policy).”

Thanks to not having a “zero-tolerance” policy, we are now being invaded.

Jeh called them out for pandering to the big mouths, only he phrased it in a kinder fashion.

“To win support from a vocal and committed segment of a major party’s base — and simply for the sake of a good applause line — candidates for office now espouse extreme policy proposals that are unworkable and have no hope of winning the broad support of Congress and the people they represent,” he argued, adding those who put forth policies that have no chance of becoming law are “doing a disservice to our democracy.”


Johnson also lamented the loss of educating, enlightening, and telling “voters the hard truths.”

The radicals have taken over the Democratic Party and are dragging it down. Democrats want to win at all costs and they receive a great deal of funding from these radicals, including George Soros and Tom Steyer. Where are all the liberals to stop it?

My guess is Jeh’s ally Barack Obama sees the danger in the candidates exposing their hard-left leanings. Unfortunately, the only alleged moderate is a very extreme Joe Biden, floppy Joe, who would be putty in the hands of the socialist/communist wing of the party.

The Democrats like to compare the innocent tea party with their extremists, the communists and socialists. There is no such comparison. Republicans do not embrace Nazis and KKK. The tea party was nothing of the sort.

Watch this montage of Dems saying there is no crisis at the border:

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4 years ago

During the Obama years, Johnson’s words and policies assisted illegal immigration. He made many statements which were leftist on immigration. I cannot trust him now. I am suspicious that he wants Trump to make him DHS secretary to replace the temp.

4 years ago

When the Democrat Party has imploded will people understand that the Communists are still attempting to destroy our country or will the pundits on the right proclaim the Democrat Party is dead but forget about the Communists who are still actively destroying the country???????

Remember!: the Communist media when the USSR imploded; for 10 years they kept telling the people of the world “Communism is dead!”

Anybody here think Communism is dead now?

John Acord
John Acord
4 years ago

The Great Deceiver cleverly practiced the maxim “Promise them what they want, and then give them what we want,” is scared lest the fools like AOC and Omar let the plan out of the bag before they have gained the power to impose what they want, which is everything that AOC wants and more. The party that enthusiastically endorses the murder of late-term children will not hesitate to encourage if not order the murder of those who are an “unnecessary burden on the state,” to use a Bolshevist maxim.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

The Democrats represent Collectivism, Totalitarianism and Tyranny, there is no other explanation for their identity/goals.