Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America Should Terrify You



“There is a very thin line between communism, progressivism, Marxism, socialism,” West said. “It’s about nationalizing production, it’s about creating and expanding the welfare state, it’s about this idea of social and economic justice… it is also about the creation of a secular state.” ~ former Rep. Allen West

We are confronted with a political revolution and the far-left is winning because the country now leans left and because the far-left will do anything to realize their dream. They believe the end justifies the means.

Mr. Obama and his minions have fundamentally transformed the relationship between the State and the people. The State now controls the people.

There are no guns pointed at our heads. No armored tanks in the streets. It’s a stealth takeover that began with the inculcation of leftist ideology in our colleges and which will now permeate our children k-12 and eventually children in pre-school.

At least when Bill Ayres and his communists were blowing up buildings, one clearly saw them for who they were. He, as did others who share a statist ideology, have now switched tactics and have chosen to gradually erode our society and our Constitutional Republic.

They plan to replace our society with their visionary one of collectivism, redistribution, unbridled entitlements funded by a failing economy, environmental justice, social justice, rule by agencies, and executive orders, all of which ignore the proper legislative channels. They want an end to the Republic and the rise of the democracy which fosters tyranny by the majority without the protections of representative government.

We are the collective who will be forced to work for the common good. The individual exists for the collective.

Individualism and collectivism as they are defined today are antithetical and cannot co-exist under Progressivism in the end. Both forces are fighting for supremacy and collectivism is winning.

The modern totalitarian movement began in the late 1800’s. Society was seen as divided into two social classes as a direct result of the Industrial Revolution, which many disdained because they believed the Industrial Revolution unfairly discarded hand artisans for machines.

One social class was that of the Capitalists or bourgeoisie, who were seen as being in “exclusive possession of all the means of subsistence and the materials necessary for the means of subsistence..” The second is the “…wholly propertyless, the proletariat, the workers, who were obliged to sell their labor to the bourgeoisie in exchange for subsistence.”

The environment that bred this ideology was without much of a middle class, which is not the case today, though that is changing thanks to Obama’s Progressive policies.

The ideology persists as if nothing has changed since the Industrial Revoluton. It is as if the middle class does not exist, as if all Capitalists are the evil ruling class. They operate as if the United States “exceptionalism” does not exist and the worker or proletariat are still people who work like serfs.

In order for progressive ideology to succeed, there cannot be a successful, free capitalist nation, thus, the traditional United States becomes a target of hatred, ridicule and demonization and must be eliminated.

Progressives, then and now, see free markets and competition as the “public declaration that the members of society are unequal to the extent their capitals are unequal because capital is the decisive power.”

Progressives see the solution to the “unequal” distribution of wealth, not based on hard work and commitment, but rather they see it in the destruction of competition and the replacement of the free market with “association.” Under this system, all production is taken out of the hands of the individual and given to society as a whole, to be operated by the “whole.” In order for this to happen, private property must be controlled and heavily regulated by the state.

The transformation of society for the creation of a communal society is the end result. Progressives believe the means justifies the end and they will use whatever means at their disposal, whether it be lying, false promises, or even hiring people like the fake Libertarian in Virginia to steal votes from the Republican candidate.

Their methods:

Progressives take over private property in many ways: through Eminent Domain, progressive taxation, heavy inheritance taxes, forced loans (consider the ACORN and DOJ bullying of banks to give mortgages to people who cannot qualify), EPA regulations, and under the banner of preservation of land.

Progressives are people movers. They will move the people to walkable communities, get them out of their cars and move them into stack ’em and pack ’em houses. The mapping currently being orchestrated by the Obama administration is being done for that purpose. We must all live as the collective – as one.

Raising taxes has become the new norm and people are buying into it as if it were the only “necessary.” If we accept this, there will be no end, no maximum at which taxation will cease. It is the nature of the beast.

Another means to the end is the gradual takeover of private companies by employing government competition to drive them out of business. Obamacare will certainly do that to all private health insurance.

Other means to the end are to form industrial armies, especially of agriculture, educate children with a nationalized, propagandized curricula, establish communal living on government land, destruction of unhealthy buildings in urban districts, concentration of all means of transportation, et cetera.

Government agencies now regulate the air we breathe, the resources we drill, our farms, our oceans and coasts and so on.  Do these qualify as armies?

Stack ‘em and pack ‘em homes are now being planned throughout the country. .

We also have the AMTRAK loser, which relies on taxpayer dollars. The President’s vision includes a government-controlled rail system.

President Obama even wants his own (infrastructure) bank, to be called the iBank.

The new social order of Progressivism is one in which all people live together peacefully because all crises will have been removed. In this idyllic world, all production and living conditions will be controlled to provide abundant supply and out of that will come progress. The elite who know best will rule.

In a perfect world, people might want to do their best to support all the rest of those who do not or cannot. The truth is, however, that in our imperfect world, is that the more we take incentives away from people, the less they will produce, unless we do as the Chinese do and violate their human rights to make them do it.

Vice President Biden, told the Chinese, in a deplorable effort to be heard on a different point, said that he understands the one child rule and doesn’t second-guess it. That one child rule has lead to massive forced abortions. Women have been dragged out of their homes to have their babies torn from them. there are invisible people, who were not supposed to be born, who wander the countryside without identity because the State says they don’t exist. As a result, China has too many males because female children are considered less valuable and are therefore aborted at an alarming rate. The end justifies the means.

John Kerry, after speaking with the Saudis, said that women driving should be left to the Saudis. Isn’t this the real war on women? He won’t speak out against it. Again the end justifies the means of winning back the Saudis.

The end justifying the means is the crown jewel of moral relativity and it is at the heart of Progressivism.

In the United States, we once believed that competition is productive and the opportunity provided by capitalism led to progress. Indeed, despite its flaws, the United States has been the most successful society in history and it has led the world in a quest for freedom unparalleled by any other.

When Mr. Obama talked about fundamentally transforming America, he meant it. The people he has employed are Progressives, Socialists and even Communists. He has a long list of associates who hold radical ideologies and political beliefs. They are unquestionably change agents.

Obama is adding more and more government control over every aspect of our lives everywhere we turn. He is committed to class and religious warfare. Because, as a community organizer, he is an Alinskyite who believes the end justifies the means, therefore, his actions mean more than his words.

His Keynesian economics of tax and spend appears to be destroying our economic and political system .

Obama believes in the Marxist class struggle and redistribution. This is partly why Obama ignores the will of the people and the nature of our Republic to forge ahead.

Obama strives for ever-increasing Executive control over education, property, religion, the military and the environment.

Obama’s spiritual underpinnings derive from Black Liberation Theology which, in its extreme form, has a loose hold on Christianity and focuses on the material here-and-now.

This can be seen in the rantings of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s mentor of 20 years. Wright sees the class struggle as the cause of the problems in society and redistribution and reparations are the answer. Obama has started a war on religion because he believes that government must have the ultimate power.

Mr. Obama’s parents and were Communists. His mentor was a Communist pedophile – Franklin Marshall Davis. He went to a black Marxist church for 20 years and his career began in the home of a domestic terrorist who is also a self-avowed Communist – Bill Ayers.

When the President was running for the Illinois State Senate, not only did he run with the endorsement of a local socialist organization, but also he signed a contract with one of them, The New Party.  The party was a Marxist political coalition. This was not a guilt by association thing. Senator Obama sought out their nomination. He was successful in obtaining that endorsement which required that he sign a contract with the group…

When Obama appointed justices to the Supreme Court, he made it clear that he wanted them to make decisions with the Progressive view of empathy which is a significant diversion from adherence to the strict rule of law on which our system of justice was founded. Obama takes some of his ideas from Capitalism as well, but they are rooted in excessive government regulation of the free market.

Trumka of the AFL-CIO and most other union leaders are proud to be called Socialists, 69 members of Congress are also members of the Democratic Socialist Party. They no longer condemn totalitarianism and do, in fact, embrace it.

Progressivism is the belief that government needs to gain more control over society as society evolves and modernizes:

The desire is for efficiency in all areas of society.  Its lofty goals are to purify society and rid it of waste and corruption.

These goals are partly attained by the bureaucratization and professionalism of education and public health programs.  Social work is accomplished by trained government officials. Monopolies must be dissolved, large corporations regulated, labor regulations and organized union labor become most important.

Heavy social activism helps move society ‘in the right direction’.  The conspicuous accumulation and consumption of wealth is attacked openly. Wage and price control are central to its goals. There is a strong emphasis on conserving and reclaiming public lands in order to control natural resources.

Progressivism is mostly represented by the Democratic and Green parties.

A core principle of Progressivism is that society must be used for the common good and the government must be used for the collective or common good. People as collectivists are more effective than people acting in their individual interests. Social justice and wealth redistribution are foremost in political decisions.

Helping others becomes mandatory and government forcibly takes the money from the taxpayer to distribute in accordance with their humanitarian beliefs. Progressives distrust corporations and the free market principles. Freedom (wealth) must be widely distribute (hence redistribution becomes necessary).

Progressives do not see themselves as Marxist or Socialists, but, rather, they see themselves as the purveyors of direct democracy, Hegelians (absolute idealism). Marx was trained in Hegelianism and was undoubtedly influenced by him.

There has never been a “perfect statist country” and there never will be because people will never be perfect, but Progressivism is the movement that hopes to do so by taking many of the same ideals and forcing them on our Republic.

Lerner, out of the University of Chicago, in his essay  from The Conservative Quarterly, Understanding the Progressives, gives a great summary of Progressivism and it is worth reading. Conservatives, Republicans, and Independents need to understand Progressivism and the nature of what they are dealing with in order to fight it.


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