Obama’s Gone Totally Negative – Let The Games Begin


“Obama:  Romney favors tax cuts for rich”

So reads the top story on Page A3 of my local birdcage liner – a long-time supporter of Democrats and now a spear chucker for the re-election campaign of its party’s standard bearer.  The story was accompanied by a three column photo of the President, apparently outraged that Mitt Romney favors cutting taxes.

(Credit: AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)

Much can be learned from just one headline.  This one in particular tells us in no uncertain terms that the very personal, negative, mud-slinging is in high gear with just under 100 days to Election Day 2012.

Ken Thomas, the Associated Press reporter covering the Obama campaign, used this quote to support the candidate’s campaign theme:  “(Romney) is asking you to pay more so that people like him can get a big tax cut.”

Now seriously, folks.  Does anyone honestly think Mitt Romney needs a tax cut?  The man is rich, very well off, loaded…He doesn’t need a federal tax cut so that he can become richer.  Of course, Obama uses such lines of attack even though he, himself, is a millionaire, but that kind of reporting just won’t be found coming from the Associated Press.  Never gonna’ happen.

This, I fear, is what we’re in for from now until the last vote is counted – one personal attack after another with perhaps a few sealed court documents opened up and leaked to the media, for good measure.  That’s about the only thing the man has to campaign on – and “negativity” is putting it mildly.

Just how much stomach the country has for the Chicago-style political campaign remains to be seen, but Mitt Romney would be wise to let Obama wallow in his own mud and stick to the issues.  The voters (at least many of us) are far more interested in what the candidates plan to do about the nation’s putrid economy and, quite frankly, could care less how much money they have in the bank.

Obama’s minions keep saying “things are improving” and “the economy is recovering” – in fact, we’ve had two consecutive Recovery Summers since Vice President Joe Biden spent thousands on jet fuel, travelling from coast to coast, telling us how well off we are and what a wonderful job the Obama administration has done in quelling a major recession.  They sorta’ got that one right; it’s closer to a Depression in 2012 and may just wind up as one if the European financial crises goes off the cliff.

If this country stands a tinker’s chance in Hell of recovery (and it will take years for that to actually happen), the damage inflicted by Barack H. Obama must first be stopped.  Real corrective measures to jumpstart the economy will only begin if Obama is turned out on November 6th.

Meanwhile, get your high-top boots on.  It’s going to get deep.


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