Obama’s Gun Mandates Are More Dangerous Than You Think


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The small ball gun fiats issued by Barack Obama this week are not as small ball as our politicos would like us to believe and that is besides the fact that they are unconstitutional. The White House fact sheet leaves things so vague and so open-ended, that it puts anyone with any slight mental health issue in the government’s crosshairs with doctors now compelled to report them. Goodbye HIPPA and hello to holding doctors responsible for reporting potential gun crimes – thought crimes if you will.

Check the fine print on these mandates.

Obama’s enforcement czar Loretta Lynch has assumed the role of Big Brother with her usual enthusiasm and she can’t wait to enforce the mandates against gun sellers, which includes even one person selling one gun.

“We will be looking for those individuals who seek to avoid registering,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch told reporters following a Jan. 4 meeting with Barack Obama.

The fact is gun shows do background checks now and all online sales require background checks. What is new is the licensing and other bureaucratic morass people must now wade through to sell one gun to one person.

Loretta is watching with hawk eyes.

“[We’ll watch for private sellers who] seek to avoid registering [as] engaged in the business of selling firearms,” she said, CBS News reported.

Since the White House fact sheet leaves everything vague, they can do almost anything they want to do.

That’s why Loretta needs the 200 agents. The FBI is short-staffed hunting down terrorists but this is viewed as more important. CBS News reports that Attorney General Loretta Lynch is making it known that the ATF will be watching and looking for private sellers who “seek to avoid registering” as being “engaged in the business of selling firearms.”

There are other serious problems with these gun fiats such as doctors now being in the position of reporting patients as mentally ill so the patients can go on a list that will mandate the confiscation of their gun(s) without due process.

As I warned and have been warning for years, people who take medication for anxiety could end up losing their guns. Anyone who seeks mental health diagnosis or treatment could lose his/her gun(s).

In January, 2014, the White House released a  press statement that said, The Department of Justice is proposing to change rules for the federal background check system to clarify who under U.S. law is prohibited from possessing a firearm because of mental health problems.

Why is a demigod in the White House now ruling over our Second Amendment?

The statement indicated that new executive orders will define who can buy a gun based on their mental health.

New York moved to classify anxiety as a mental health issue in 2014. Yet, studies compiled by NIH have shown that the most common psychiatric diagnoses, including depressive, anxiety, and attention-deficit disorders, have no correlation with violence whatsoever.

Credible studies also suggest that a number of risk factors more strongly correlate with gun violence than mental illness alone. For instance, alcohol and drug use increase the risk of violent crime by as much as 7-fold, even among persons with no history of mental illness—a concerning statistic. A a history of childhood abuse, binge drinking, and male gender are all predictive risk factors for serious violence.

The gangs in poor neighborhoods, criminals in general and suicides are responsible for the overwhelming number of the gun crimes and they won’t be weeded out by this legislation but masses of people with mental health conditions will be barred from having a gun though they have no predisposition towards violence and it will be done without due process and in direct violation of the Second Amendment.

Mass shootings are negligible and the high profile cases serve only as political tools. Most mass shootings are gang-related and some are now terrorist-related. These aren’t gun crimes, they are crimes related to social and economic infrastructures.

“Mental illness” and mental health practitioners cannot be expected to address violence in isolation but that is what Big Brother will is telling them to do. The problems won’t be addressed but control over our inalienable rights will be established.

There are so many other narratives that forge the type of insanity that leads people to commit violence with a gun and it’s not only individual, it’s group pathologies.

Not every abnormal killer is crazy. Many are just evil. Large numbers of Americans have learned to accept you’d have to be crazy to kill and they’ve forgotten that some just love to hurt others or feel nothing for others.

Gun crime in gangland needs to be addressed, more help for the suicidal needs to be provided, and Big Brother needs to be abolished in America.

Many of the rules Obama is putting into place are already in place and we won’t notice a difference but it’s the small print we need to worry about. Have Obama and his comrades just found another way to take guns from large groups of people?

As many as 30% of Americans have anxiety disorders and one report found that more than half of college students have sought help for anxiety.

According to the Anxiety Disorder statistics over the last 10 years, 54 percent of woman and 46 percent of men experience anxiety disorder.

Is Big Brother going to look to take guns away from these people?

There is also the movement towards smart gun technology which is nowhere near ready for market. If you have a new iPhone 6 and have used the biometrics to unlock the phone, you know how unreliable it all is.

The gun grabbers want guns to only be usable by the owner which is only one of the infringements they hope to see to the Second Amendment.

No one expects there will be big changes right away as a result of these gun fiats but that’s because our Second Amendment is being eroded incrementally – so we hardly notice. It’s the precedents that are being set and the principles we are gradually allowing to be trampled that will cause us problems.

What is most troubling is a new CNN poll shows that 67% of Americans back these unconstitutional mandates.


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