Obama’s Hawaii Judge Is Determining Our National Security


Obama’s judge in Hawaii, leftist Judge Derrick Watson, has blocked the President’s travel ban for a third time for no legitimate legal reason. He is one of the many activist judges who rules from the bench. By blocking a travel ban many presidents before Trump have put in place without contest, the judge is determining the national security for the entire nation.

Judge Derrick Watson

There is no question the travel ban applies to countries that are extremely dangerous. These countries were put on the watch list by Presidents Bush and Obama.

The leftists simply want to be certain the President fails.

The President is sabotaged and lied about 24/7. Everyone is against him, and his supporters. The media. Hollywood, the deep state. Federal judges, Republicans in the Senate have all joined together to destroy his presidency.

The so-called ‘travel ban’ is well within his authority and it’s a simple, temporary hold but it doesn’t matter. These enemies of the people will not let him succeed on any level.

Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea, as well as certain government officials from Venezuela were included in the ban. They’re all a disaster.

The liberals/leftists will fight to the bone to keep criminal aliens in the country and get foreign terrorists into the country.

The ban was to take effect at midnight and the judge waited until the last possible moment.

The solution is to send the entrants from these counties to Hawaii.

Read the details at the Washington Examiner.



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