Obama’s Humiliating Foreign Policy Will Destroy the United States


Obama’s State Department remained in hiding this past weekend while his U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, went on the Sunday News shows on behalf of the White House. First she claimed that the riots around the world were not against the U.S. or the president. She said the riots were because of a moronic film trailer [She did this while President Obama’s image was burned throughout the world]. Secondly, she claimed that Ambassador Stevens had a significant security presence.

Years ago, I would listen to the news – the U.S. government’s side and the other side. I’d always believe the U.S. government. Now I have to hear the truth from the Libyan president. Even the terrorists reveal more of the truth than this government. That’s a sorry state of affairs.

We now know for certain that the attacks in Cairo and Libya were planned terrorist attacks. There never was any protest outside the Libyan “embassy” which, as it turns out, was an unguarded local villa.

The Cairo assault was probably an effort to win the release of the Blind Sheikh, the mastermind of the first World Trade Center attack.

The Libyan attack was a 9/11 attack. It turns out that the murdered Ambassador thought there was a hit out on him. He was warned three days before about the attack. The Ambassador had NO security. The two Navy SEALs who died with him were personal service agents who went of their own accord to protect the defenseless Ambassador and the Information Management Officer, Sean Smith.

All four of the men who died in that embassy are heroes. They were thrown to the wolves by their own government. Whether it was incompetence, arrogance, we can’t say, but this is a national disgrace.

Meanwhile, everyone connected to Obama, including Obama, have unprecedented security details.

To make it even worse, we now find out that Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama have apology ads running in Pakistan. They are apologizing for our free speech, doubling down on the failed policy of appeasement to a nation of people who regard this behavior as weak and cowardly.

This ad is no different than making a confession to terrorists that our free speech is a problem. The terrorists know that the film trailer is a ruse. The thing has been on YouTube since June.

Obama has attended about 40% of his intel briefings and has refused to meet with Netanyahu but he’s never too busy for entertainers. It is, after all, about his election and not the country he represents.

Obama Attending Intel Briefing with Beyoncé and Jay-Z

True American heroes – Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods, Glen Doherty. God bless these men. Who will stand up for them and the truth? They died for their country. Would you get off the couch to stand up for your country or will you watch it sink into moral decay and totalitarian excess?


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