Obama’s Intelligence Officials Are Acting as a Spy Ring


Barack Obama’s politicized intelligence agencies, and they are still his agencies, have been illegally wiretapping Trump’s conversations and those of his cabinet members and then leaking them to the corrupt press.

People should be very concerned about the authoritarian implications of a national security apparatus going after people they don’t agree with and then leaking information about them to the press.

These people don’t care about America and they have to be weeded out before we look like a third world country.

Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported Tuesday on calls from Republicans for an investigation into the leaks and the surveillance of Flynn’s calls by the intelligence community.

Herridge said that identifying the American caller for surveillance purposes, in this case Flynn, “needs sign-off at the highest levels.”

Who were these people at the highest levels?

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) said authorization would have been needed to unmask Flynn’s name.

“If in fact the press reports are right, someone made the decision to deliberately listen to General Flynn’s phone calls,” said Rep. David Nunes, calling it “unprecedented, unwarranted and flat-out wrong.”

Nunes will ask for an FBI assessment.

We know the NSA is spying on the administration.

Receiving little attention at the time, Loretta Lynch signed new rules giving wide latitude to the NSA to surveil people and then share the information with every one of the other 16 intelligence agencies.

Mid-January, the New York Times reported that the NSA was given wide new powers in the waning days of the Obama administration.

NSA is allowed to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections. They can send out “raw signal intelligence” to any agency they want to send them to. This includes “collecting satellite transmissions, phone calls and emails that cross network switches abroad, and messages between people abroad that cross domestic network switches.”

Seventeen government agencies can rifle through people’s personal communications and we know from Edward Snowden that they make global sweeps in collections.

The people who lie and cheat for a living are embedded in these agencies and they are still Obama’s staff.

They also have power and run their own shadow government. As Dennis Kucinich calls it, ‘deep state’. They’ve gone rogue.

Rep. Chaffetz has plans to launch an investigation into how classified information ended up in the hands of the media. He has asked the Inspector General to dive into this. He will also look into any possible leaks to Russia.

Intelligence agencies have spied on presidents before. Case in point is the ‘Moore-Radford Affair.’

The Pentagon spied on President Richard Nixon and every individual that he came into contact with on the National Security Council.

The ‘Moore-Radford Affair’ involved the Joint Chiefs of Staff who used a stenographer as their agent and actively spied on the civilian command during the Vietnam War, according to Fox News.

The Executive branch is a sieve. The number of leaks are astounding and it has to be stopped.

In the last three weeks alone: three conversations with foreign leaders were leaked; more than a half-dozen executive orders were leaked — some included highly classified information; one of Secretary Flynn’s deputy’s was denied security clearance- classified; Secretary Mattis was thinking about interdicting an Iranian ship – classified; Secretary Mattis is thinking about sending ground troops to Northern Syria – classified.

Before the election, there were leaks. Obama leaked details of Trump’s classified briefing in September.

We have a dangerous shadow government operating like a rogue state. You see this in totalitarian societies. It’s very dangerous.

Whoever spied on American citizens and conveyed the classified information to the media committed a felony and they need to be held to account.

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7 years ago

Trace the leaks back from the media to the sources. The media knew the info was illegally obtained.

Trump loves Russia
Trump loves Russia
7 years ago

Shouldn’t you be more concerned that Trymp’s staff and possibly Trump himself were in contact with foreign intelligence officials? I would argue the intelligence services ARE very much American because they are looking out for this country. Stop being so blind!