Obama’s Interesting Social Life


On Aug. 30, 2014, MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner married former White House chef Sam Kass in a private wedding in Pocantico Hills, New York. In attendance were such leftist notables as communist and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and his terrorist wife Bernadine Dohrn. Also in attendance were Michelle and Barack Obama. Barack worked with Billy for three years and got his political start in Bill Ayers’ living room.

This was announced by left-wing Gawker who wrote “—at long last!—Obama truly no longer gives a f#@k about keeping up political appearances.”

That is certainly true as can be attested to by his most recent appearances with Glozell and other YouTube personalities and his spectacularly embarrassing Buzzfeed video in which he acted like an idiot.

A screenshot from the video can be seen below.


Gawker also wrote that “While the Obama White House obviously no longer cares about serving up softballs to the Drudge set—indeed, the decision to party with Ayers borders on active trolling—his Secret Service may have taken a different view. According to the Washington Post, the agency typically bars ‘people with…arrests or convictions for assault and related offenses or any history of mental illness…from having any access to the president.’”

No biggie.

Gawker can’t even fathom why anyone would be concerned about this. Then again the left has been attacking anyone on the right who found Mr. Obama’s performance on the Buzzfeed video humiliating even though it was humiliating.

There’s a photo of the Obamas at the wedding (below) but a photo of the Ayers-Dohrn terrorist team has yet to surface.

in attendance

The groom – Mr. Kass – is tied to both the Obamas and the Ayers. Gawker can’t figure out the connection but could it possibly be that they are all friends!!!

Dohrn was once on the FBI Most Wanted List. Both her and husband Billy were violent terrorists who got away with because of slick lawyers according to many who have reported on their cases. Obama does his own form of bomb throwing and is thought to be a treasonous terrorist by some who’d like to see him taken off in handcuffs.

More than 300 U.S. Marines have been surrounded by thousands of ISIS terrorists over the last week at Ain al-Asad Air Force base in Anbar Province at the doorstep of Damascus.

ISIS only recently burned two Iraqi soldiers alive and they are in the process of burning 17 Kurdish fighters alive – all to be burned in cages.

Ain al-Asad pictured below.


Iran now has a grip on Yemen along with Al Qaeda in Iraq aka Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the most dangerous wing of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninusula or AQAP has taken over Derna, Libya.  Libya is on the Mediterranean, not far from Europe.

Mr. Obama plans to make a bad deal with Iran. That’s also no biggie. The Ayatollah said it’s against their religion to build a bomb.



The turmoil was Obama’s cue to take off and take off he did – for Palm Springs.

Michelle tweeted the following photo for the world to see – notice the card in her hand which is supposed to make us think this was natural. The words, “Love is all you need” accompanied the photo. Obama looks robotic.

Michelle tweeted

Bill Clinton, not to be undone, tweeted his pretend wife Hillary about dancing, he didn’t say with her. She tweeted back that it was a date.

After the ultra-phony Goebbels-like photo ops, Mr. Obama took off for the golf course in Palm Springs.

Mr. Obama played several rounds on a nine-hole course. His playing partners were his old friends from Hawaii, Bobby Titcomb and Greg Orme, along with Marty Nesbitt, from Chicago, according to the White House.

Turkey’s Erdogan was upset that Mr. Obama ignored the murder of three Muslims in Chapel Hill so Mr. Obama issued a statement in which he suggested the murders of the three young Muslims were because of who they are and how they worship.

Mr.Obama is spending a long weekend in Palm Springs and will hit the links again Sunday.

Since there is no such thing as radical Islam, there is no reason for him not to party.

Thursday he will run his Summit on terrorism which will not focus on Islamic terrorism.