Obama’s Iran Policy Is Really Moving Along



Barack Obama hopes the Iranian nuclear deal will somehow push the iranian hardliners into concentrating on their economy and ceding power to the moderates, if we are to believe there are moderates.

While we are waiting for the deal to be signed, Iran has kidnapped an American and a permanent American resident. They used the laptop of one of the kidnapped men to launch a massive cyber-attack at the State Department Office of Iranian Affairs. The new hostages are being accused of spying.

An Iranian-American spy was sentenced to 8 years in October but Iran won’t trade.

Iran is cracking down on Iranians who advocate for better ties with Washington. One of the recently kidnapped men was a journalist pleading for peaceful relations between Iran and the US.

Some of the recent events:

On October 6th, Reuters detailed how Iran launched joint Russian-Iranian military operations in Syria.

On October 11th, Iranian media reported that the country’s military had recently test-fired a precision-guided, nuclear-capable, long-range ballistic missile in violation of UNSC resolution 1929.

Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian was convicted of trumped-up espionage charges on October 12th.

On October 30th, U.S. outlets confirmed the Iranians are holding U.S.-Iranian citizen Siamak Namazi.

On November 3rd, the Iranians confirmed they’re also holding U.S. permanent citizen Nizar Zakka.

On November 5th, the WSJ revealed that the Iranians are waging a hacking “surge” against American officials and analysts who work on Iran issues.

There is a new ban on the import of any US-made consumer goods. They shut down a KFC in Tehran. It’s not likely US businesses will open in Tehran any time soon. They can get US goods without buying them from the US.

The Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah, is calling for “Death to America” but said it’s nothing personal. It’s 1979 all over again. They just have fewer hostages.

The US will soon lift sanctions and there is no “snap-back.”

Iran is threatening to not sign the bad nuclear deal if the US doesn’t kowtow.

According to an article in the Washington Free Free Beacon, an Iranian military leader has decided that the United States owes his country reparations for the deaths of more than 250,000 Iranians, which he claims came at the hands of the United States and American proxies.

A demand for compensation was delivered on Thursday by Mohammad Reza Naqdi, a brigadier general in Iran’s volunteer Basij Force. He declared that the Obama regime “should pay ransom” for what he described as America’s role in the deaths of Iranians during the 1979 Islamic Revolution that brought the present radical Islamic extremists into power.

This is the ultimate in galling behavior. Iran is responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of US soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians.

The Ayatollah has previously demanded reparations and if there is any way Obama can do it, he likely will.

While all this was going on, Barack Obama is praising hate groups funded by George Soros and has a Director of Education mandating coed bathrooms and showers, and he is worrying about the name of the Washington DC football team, all to satisfy a leftist agenda.

His ISIS policy is every bit as ridiculous. He has no strategy. Listen to this interview with his DHS head, Jeh Johnson. He says absolutely nothing as he smirks and we are all supposed to think this is good enough.





  1. it’s true that xmas cards from the iranians have been noticeable by their absence since
    we side-lined mosaddegh in ’53 and put reza’s kid back in the game. it’s also a given that
    mr. obama’s ‘wait and see’ foreign policy ( unless ear-flapped by the laputian neos; abbottabad and libya ) has advantaged the newbie khamenei in ways only imagined
    by khomeini after the revolution in ’79.

    but our current mis-administration has not been the only provider of this persian
    free lunch…
    iran was the shia lion handicapped in the race for m.e. dominance by not one, but three ‘thorns’; the taliban, saddam hussein, and the house of saud. ‘twixt the need
    for revenge on the part of the common-folk and the neos’ desire to promulgate a
    ‘new american century’ post 9-11, the ‘lion’ was relieved of two thorns and is now
    running free in iraq, syria, and yemen. these actors will be listed on a playbill coming
    to a theater in riyahd soon.

    i would be glad to see any authority other than the u.s. able to hold peaceful reign over
    the middle-east, but with iran there’s bad blood and that pesky nuclear thing…b

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