Obama’s Israeli Legacy


By John Velisek USN (Ret.)

Israel is a democratic country that has been made the scapegoat of this administration’s policies. Obama has divided the Jewish community, in an attempt to force the government of Israel to bend to his will.

On May 22nd, he wanted to assure the Jewish community that he had their back and that the administration’s commitment to security of the Jewish homeland would always remain the same. Obama declared himself a member of the tribe, although which one will always be in doubt.

Obama has not suffered as the Jewish people have, has not been forced to continually hide in underground bunkers to escape rockets fired from Gaza.

Obama’s legacy is what is important to Obama and, as he did with healthcare, he will do with Israel. Under the cover of darkness and free from the prying eyes of the Jews themselves, he will formulate a two-state partition even though he will put Israel in danger.

The idea of Obama having Israel’s back is pathetic.

He allows Iran to retain nuclear capability without even leaving sanctions in place. He allows the Palestinians to rearm Gaza and will do nothing to help the Syrian/Hezbollah/Iranian build up on the northern border of Israel.

Surrounded on all sides, and comprised of less than 2% of the land mass in the area, Israel has nowhere to go, and will continue the good fight. Will the next step be to stop all military shipments to Israel, even perhaps sanctions?

Where has Obama stood for Israel? With Iran, the so called treaty is a complete capitulation to the Iranians. The Iranian regime has declared they will not allow inspections, and as of now, not a word from Obama, or our Secretary of State can not bow low enough to give them what they want.

Obama, through anti-Semite Samantha Power, our U.N. Ambassador, has worked behind the scenes to try and force Israel to return to the pre-1967 borders, a position that is indefensible against all those who oppose the Israeli homeland. But this is all immaterial for Obama, it is his legacy that counts.

Once again, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has refused to resume talks with Israel to discuss the pre-1967 borders. President Spokeman Nabil Abu Rudeineh has stated that all settlement building must stop for there to be talks and that “Nothing related to final status can be postponed.” He insisted on the pre-1967 borders and Jerusalem must be the capital of an independent Palestinian state. Jerusalem has always been the Israeli capital, no matter what the drones over at the U.N. will say.

Netanyahu has already refused to move back to pre-1967 borders for security reasons. As the Prime Minister, his first job is to protect the people of the homeland. Abbas has already demanded that those borders are a precondition for any negotiations.

Haaretz has a piece in which Netanyahu suggested in a discussion with EU foreign policy Chief Federica Mogherini that land swaps could be made to increase the security of the Israeli homeland.

And what has come from Abbas in response?

Abbas is claiming that the right to return is a personal right, passed from generation to generation. This is something that even Abbas realizes will never be part of a two state solution.

All the refugees, who left because of Arabic propaganda, which number about 5 million are still considered refugees after over 60 years. No Arab nation will help them, or take them in, even though before the declaration of Israeli independence, Jordan was a Palestinian state.

The PA (Palestinian Authority) will never realize an Israeli State. They have even gone so far as to claim the right of return includes reclaiming property held by these refugees 67 years ago.

This is what Obama called a partner for peace.

The Fatah Office of Information and Culture stated the right to return is sacred. A central committee member Nabil Sha’ath has in essence claimed all of Israel from Gaza, to Nablus, and including Hebron, Safed, and of course Jerusalem is supposedly his family’s homeland.

And what of the Arabs who did not leave during the battle for Israeli independence? They live in Israel! Most have jobs and the full rights of any Israeli citizen.

Obama has agreed with the Palestinian solution. he agrees with the Palestinians’ decision on right to return. The President of our country, once a staunch ally that Israel could depend on, is willing to go to the U.N., a blatantly ant-Semitic organization, rather than insist of the direct talks between the parties involved.

After that, as he has always done, Obama will have someone else to blame rather than take the heat from his having thrown Israel under the bus.

Our President has blamed Israel for the fate of Palestinian children in Ramallah stating they do not have the opportunities that children should have. Perhaps if Hamas and their ilk spent less money on building incursion tunnels into Israel and spent money on their own people by building a modern Gaza, opportunities would improve.

Teaching the children to hate Jews, calling the Jews pigs and monkeys, and beating the dead horse of right of return, things will not change. The Gaza authorities and other Arab nations in the area will not help. If they leave the Palestinians poor and needy, they will never settle for where they are and can be pushed to hate those the authorities say are at fault.

If the U.N. is used to establish a Palestinian state, to push Israel back to pre-1967 borders, and refuses to take the security of Israel into account, if they continue to hail terrorists as martyrs, and refuse the acknowledge the historical basis for Isreal existence, there will be a confrontation.

Can Israel depend on this administration to be there when there is that confrontation? Jews are called Jews because they originated in Judea, and our President, that paragon of historical knowledge called both Judea and Samaria Arab lands.

The Israelis have already given away Gaza and even now are taking missles being launched from that area. If they give up more of Judea, and Samaria, historically the homeland of the Jews, how would things be better?

Gaza, with the exception of security is fully autonomous, and still they can not build themselves into a thriving country. Obamas talking points, which claim to support Israel are a lie. Until the genocide that may fall upon Israel, none of this is a concern to Obama, it is very clear that Obama will lie for his legacy.


John Velisek USN (Ret.)
Twitter : sjspecialist
Facebook: facebook.com/onepersonsopinion