Obama’s Jihadi Lives Matter

Syrian refugees flash victory signs in front of the railway station in Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 2. (CNS photo/Laszlo Balogh, Reuters)
Syrian refugees flash victory signs in front of the railway station in Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 2. (CNS photo/Laszlo Balogh, Reuters)

Jihadi Lives Matter! Obama has appeared to have picked a side.

Congress has proposed legislation to improve screening of Syrian refugees but Barack Obama is threatening to veto it.

Within minutes of Rep. Jeff Sessions accusing the president of confusing the public about the intentions of the legislation, the White House defended the current system and said the changes will create obstacles and delay the process.

“Given the lives at stake and the critical importance to our partners in the Middle East and Europe of American leadership in addressing the Syrian refugee crisis … [Obama] would veto the bill,” the White House said.

What he calls obstacles, the rest of us would call security measures which take longer, inconvenient or not.

The 10,000 refugees he wants to take in are a drop in the proverbial bucket and it’s not an emergency or a crisis, just as all our Obama-created crises were not emergencies.

Some in Congress would accept the refugees if the vetting process was improved.

“America has a proud tradition of welcoming refugees into our country, and we lead the world in humanitarian assistance. However, we also must put proper measures in place to ensure our country’s safety,” House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said in a statement.

Obama is never going to let this bill go through. He’s the king, the narcissist, the rigid, always right, intractable person in charge. When he’s passionate, he’s passionate against half of America and their First Amendment rights.

The bill would require the FBI director to certify a background investigation for each refugee — and several top security officials to certify that each refugee is not a security threat to the U.S. — before a refugee from Iraq or Syria can be admitted.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said the chamber would vote on the bill later this week, and stressed that it would not subject applicants to a religious test.

Perhaps they should look at the fact that Christians are being deliberately left out. We are getting well over 90% Muslims. There are a lot of suffering Christians. Why are we taking almost exclusively Muslim people?

McCaul, in a statement, said that while he wants a “temporary suspension” of Syrian refugee admissions, “It is apparent that the President will ignore these concerns, making this legislation necessary to toughen security measures.”

“Slamming the door in the face of refugees would betray our deepest values. That’s not who we are. And it’s not what we’re going to do,” Obama tweeted late Wednesday morning.

Being compassionate doesn’t mean we have to be reckless and put American’s lives at risk, McCaul said.

Half of the Syrian population, about 12 million, have been displaced. Until ISIS is destroyed, the suffering of the people won’t change.

Lt. Col. Peters spoke to Hannity on Obama’s JihadiLivesMatter. The segment began with the fans at a Turkey-Greece soccer match screaming “Allahu Akbar.” Extremism is going mainstream in Turkey thanks to Erdogan’s Muslim Brotherhood ideology. They then discussed the refugees after intelligence officials saying we can’t vet them.

Source: Fox News

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