Obama’s Kinetic Military Action in Libya Handed the Country Over to Al Qaeda


The West Wing has a preferred, authorized abbreviated version of the president’s foreign-policy doctrine: “Don’t do stupid shi*t.” Mr. Obama – avoiding stupid sh…stuff apparently – fought a kinetic military action in Libya (Obama’s term, not mine). It was, to use a phrase coined by Janet Napolitano, a man-caused disaster. Al Qaeda is now poised to assume complete control of the country.

Libya is now in the hands of Islamists with the U.S. puppet administration being replaced by hardened Brotherhood members and Salafi jihadists, jihadists which include al Qaeda groups. All of these groups want to establish an Islamic caliphate under sharia law.

Gaddafi’s arsenal of weapons are spread about the Middle East. We know al Qaeda has many of the weapons. Mr. Obama had no plan for securing the weapons when he started bombing Libya.

The entire country is now riddled with al Qaeda and, Benghazi, the town Gaddafi wanted to attack, is their base of operations though they now extend far beyond, even into Tripoli itself.

There is one man, former Libyan army general, Khalifa Haftar, who is trying to save Libya and who is currently fighting the Islamist militias in Benghazi.

Haftar calls his military effort “Operation Dignity” as he attempts to free Libya of the radicalism that threatens to destroy it.

Obama’s media in the states gives him short shrift and calls him a “rogue general.”

General Haftar

General Khalifa Belqasim Haftar

Haftar has conducted air raids in several towns with entrenched Islamic militants. He has the support of underground Gaddafi forces but he is no Gaddafi in that he says he wants a free Libya.

The Islamists say that Haftar is carrying out a “crusader plan against Islamic sharia law.”

Since the United States and NATO powers illegally unseated Gaddafi, Islamists have engaged in perpetual war against moderate Muslims and anyone who opposes their rigid form of Sharia Law.

Libyans voted Islamists into the General National Congress who have helped secure power for Islamists throughout Libya. The elections took place under the suspicion of widespread corruption.

Haftar demanded the Congress dismantle and put a military body in place until Parliamentary elections can take place two months from now.

Islamists ignored Haftar and are moving ahead to appoint Islamist Prime Minister Ahmed Matiq and an Islamist cabinet.

Haftar’s operation has the full support of the interim Premier Abdullah Thinni “so long as no political gains interfere in freeing Libya from terrorism”. Thinni has refused to hand over power to the Islamists.

The brutality and crimes against moderate Muslims have gone unnoticed by the president of the United States who went into Libya for “humanitarian reasons” – to save the people of Benghazi who were allegedly in danger of invasion by Gaddafi. Benghazi was and is an al Qaeda stronghold.

The Salafi jihadists have inflicted a rigid form of behavior on the Libyans. They destroy shrines of moderate Muslim sects. They have a particular hatred for the Ibadi sect. “The situation has gotten much worse lately,” says Ibadi sheik Walid Darder. “We may have not had political rights under Gaddafi, but we did not live in fear of going to the mosque.”

According to a Time investigation, the jihadists increased their public presence, taken over mosques, and even hoisted the flag of al-Qaeda over the courthouse in Benghazi where the revolution began. Today, the al Qaeda flag can be seen throughout Libya.

Attacks by Salafis have grown more vicious since Gaddafi’s fall, and the puppet government tolerated it or seemed to collaborate, writes the Carnegie Endowment.

The U.S. was training counter-terrorism teams until last summer when it became evident we were training radical extremists. The program was abruptly ended wrote the New York Times.

We left Libya without sufficient help for the government we put in place nor did we help them build an effective army or police. We came, we saw, Gaddafi died, and we fled. We had no business going in under these circumstances. Mr. Obama did it illegally, ignoring the War Powers Act.

The National Transitional Council we helped establish in Libya was forced to use the numerous revolutionary “brigades” as security forces, like the one that protected Ambassador Chris Stevens and his aide Sean Smith on 9/11/12. These brigades included Salafi and al Qaeda members.

It’s not only Salafis who are tied to al Qaeda, it’s the Brotherhood.

In July 2012, the Telegraph UK reported that the weak leaders in Libya agreed to let the Brotherhood run the country and better yet, form a coalition with their Brotherhood neighbors in Egypt and Tunisia.

Last August, we pulled our response team from Libya as the Brotherhood and al Qaeda began to topple the puppet government we put in place.

Some of the suspects in the Benghazi attack, members of Ansar al-Sharia, were and are assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

The Egyptian government currently in place has linked the Muslim Brotherhood to the terrorism in Libya and the attack on our mission in Benghazi.

Though we keep hearing about Salafis, it is Al-Qaeda that will run Libya with the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Qaeda is an offshoot of the Brotherhood. They are all the same people and they all have the same goal – to establish Islamic caliphates throughout the world.

Libya became more and more dangerous over the last three years. There were ongoing prison breaks, 1200 escaped in one break alone. The escapes were bi-weekly and there were daily assassinations as the most hardened and ruthless jihadists hit the streets.

Libya is now a lawless, rogue state.

Before we entered the war, we had a cooperative agreement with Gaddafi. He was not a threat to U.S. interests and was fighting al Qaeda, but he did pose a threat to European oil.

It is against this backdrop that General Haftar is attempting to regain control of the government for the sake of the moderate Muslims and liberal democrats in Libya.

Mr. Obama is no longer concerned about the humanitarian needs of Libya.

Before making assumptions as to why that is and even why we entered Libya, listen to the following video.

Illegal shipments of arms from Libya, petrol dollars, and an administration that lies  about all of it are all dealt with in this video. It is one you need to hear.

The video came via Bob La Tigra at us1.me

For the Record-Zero Footprint

Someone needs to share the wisdom of Forrest Gump so that he might include it in his foreign policy of not doing “stupid sh…stuff.”