Obama’s Know Nothing Bundlers Continue to Be Paraded Before Congress for Ambassadorships


We already  reported about the know-nothing Obama bundlers being awarded key posts as Ambassadors to China, Norway and elsewhere but the fiasco continues. Mr. Obama is repaying donors with positions they aren’t qualified for and for which they haven’t bothered to prepare as they appear before Congress.

Instead of sending the bundler nominees to a remote country, they are going to China, Norway, Argentina et al. Usually these posts are reserved for professional diplomats who know the country, know the language, understand the culture.

The nominee for ambassador to Argentina (Noah Mamet) has never been to the country, Norway is getting a man (George Tsunis) who the Norwegian media described as having a “total ignorance of Norway”, and even Max Baucus, not a bundler but a big Obama ally in the Senate, as the new ambassador to China, couldn’t answer a simple question. He was asked a question about China’s air defense identification zone and fell back on, “I’m no real expert on China, but it’s my strong belief that Chinese people are just as proud as we Americans are proud.”

The fiasco continues.

colleen bill

Colleen Bell, off she goes to Hungary

President Obama appointed Colleen Bell as Ambassador to Hungary. She produced the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful. She has served on the Board of Directors for the LA County Museum of Art and in some other perfunctory Board positions, but her real claim to the position, if being a soap opera producer isn’t enough, is that she raised about $800,000 for Mr. Obama, according to the NY Times.

Senator McCain asked her to describe American strategic interests in Hungary during her hearing to which she said:

“We have our strategic interests, in terms of what are our key priorities in Hungary. I think our key priorities are to improve upon, as I mentioned, the security relationship and also the law enforcement and to promote business opportunities, increase trade … Our strategic interests are to work collaboratively as NATO allies…To work to promote and protect the security, both for both countries and for and for the world, to continue working together on the cause of human rights around the world, to build that side of our relationship while also maintaining and pursuing some difficult conversations that might be necessary in the coming years.”

This is her understanding of our strategic interests in Hungary?

So far Obama has appointed 23 bundlers to Ambassadorships. For a president who is into fairness, it hardly seems fair.

In case you’re interested, the going rate for an Ambassadorship is about $500,000 to $1,000,000.

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