Obama’s Last Election


Obama recently hinted to Medvedev that come next election he will work even closer with Putin.

Our future –

All freedoms will be relative. Freedom of religion will be allowed until it interferes with a government mandate. Freedom of speech will be allowed until it is not PC. Privacy rights will be gone as will states’ rights.

We will have single payer healthcare – rationing for all except the Elite of course.

High unemployment will be the norm and half the nation will be on entitlements.

The small arms treaty will go through and it will gradually erode the second amendment.

The International Criminal Court will override whatever is left of the Constitution and we will follow the governance of the corrupt UN.

We will give away 25% or more of our resources with the Law of the Sea treaty.

Parental rights will be usurped by The UN Rights of the Child Treaty.

There will be NO fossil fuel development. Only the elite will have cars. The rest of us will be in multi-family dwellings and will ride the bus.

Housing will be multi-level with no parking spots.

Our nation will disarm, leaving ourselves open to terrorist attacks.

The Presidential election will be meaningless because of the National Popular Vote Compact.

We will never come back with our freedoms in tact after an Obama second term. I can back up every one of these statements with facts.

Wake up America!


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