Obama’s Latest Dangerous Globalist Move: The Last of the Americans


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Our nation’s leftists demand more hundreds of thousands of Islamists come into the country even though we can’t vet them and even though the radicals among them – which is a lot of them – want to kill us. They are also demanding there be no assimilation and we adapt to them.

Multiculturalism will destroy the American identity – our soul – and the Obama administration just put it on speed. The latest assault from the Obama administration is to tell early childhood education officials they really need to teach in different languages.

This will start with the government-subsidized schools no doubt and it is unsustainable cost-wise.

The latest policy guidance devised by the departments of Education and Health and Human Services, “advises” states to instruct early childhood students in their home languages and to allow them to keep their separate cultural attachments.

There is no longer any assimilation, we are merely a land of foreigners who can traverse at will and who can force their languages and cultures on us. Forget teaching foreigners about the Constitution or freedom, we must adjust to their statist ways.

This is Marxist multiculturalism aimed at destroying who we are because the hard left that now rules this country hates who we are.

The administration’s excuse is that “not recognizing children’s cultures and languages as assets” may be hurting them with school work. “Over half the world’s population is estimated to be bilingual or multilingual,” the statement lectures almost plaintively.

It’s categorically untrue that having young children learn our language hurts them – they need to learn English while they are young if possible. And what schoolwork does a young child have? This is the United States and they have to learn our ways and our language.

The polyglot argument that we all need to learn a lot of languages is one the left has long loved to throw around as an excuse for abandoning who we are.

The policy “suggestions” call for creating curricula and educational systems around the foreigner’s home and advise the schools to hire more foreign teachers.

That should help further the destruction of America. And where the hay is the money going to come from?

Does anyone know how expensive this would be? Obviously we will have to ship in more foreigners to teach the foreigners who will take over our country.

States must move with alacrity, the statement warns, because these children will soon make up a “sizable proportion of the workforce” and their linguistic and cultural assets will be needed in an “evolving global economy.”

“The growing diversity of our nation’s children requires that we shift the status quo,” says the statement, in order to “build a future workforce that is rich in diversity, heritage, cultural tradition, and language.”

This is what they are doing to our country and it’s about their budding drone workforce! Get it???

We can’t just be tolerant, we have to embrace their cultures, their languages and cede ours in the process.

What ever happened to states’ rights? While this is a policy advisory, it puts states in the position of having to do it.

This does nothing for our unity as a nation or our economic cohesiveness.

You can read the policy statement for yourself on the link. If we want a country completely torn apart, Obama and the Democrats have the answer. They are telling us we have to prepare for our increasingly diverse population as they replace citizens with foreigners. We won’t be the UNITED States any longer. Our only hope is probably and sadly Donald Trump.

This all goes hand-in-hand with the assault on Capitalism, Christianity, Judaism, anything normal or traditional. Walter Williams has a good article about multiculturalism on the link.

An even better article is the one linked below. We are being wiped out in plain sight.

Multicultural Suicide