Obama’s “Leaked” Plan to Send Armed Forces to Polling Stations


This next report or should we say “leak” via Time Magazine should be looked upon with some skepticism or at least it should be scrutinized as it fits the Democrat narrative that we were under serious threat of hacking by Russians. Apparently, former President Barack Obama in October approved a plan to defend against a cyberattack during the election, including sending armed police to polling sites.

The plan allows the full force of the Federal government to descend on polling places in case of a cyberattack or even in the case of claims of voter fraud. Yet, these are the same people who won’t give publicly available data to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity who hopes to study the issue.

Though the basic outline gave local governments primary jurisdiction over any attacks, Obama’s 15-page plan includes “enhanced procedures,” Time reported.

In addition to sending armed federal law enforcement to polling sites, those procedures would have included mobilizing the National Guard, as well as active and reserve military forces. Counter-propaganda measures also would have kicked in after the election.

The plan comes into play in the case of a “signifcant incident” such as hacking stopping an election.

For three days after the election, a special interagency effort would be tasked with addressing “any post-election cyber incidents,” including “planted stories calling into question the results.”

It does suggest tremendous control over elections in jurisdictions currently not under their authority. Sending armed forces in also seems over-the-top.

Time reported, and this is where the narrative comes in, that the plan ” reflects how thoroughly the Russian effort to undermine public confidence in the U.S. electoral system had succeeded. The U.S. intelligence community had concluded the primary and abiding goal of the Russian operation was “to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process.”

Time added, somewhat deceptively, “By Election Day, with widespread coverage of Russian hacking and then-candidate Donald Trump’s assertions that the vote would be rigged against him, Gallup found that only 30% of Americans had faith in the honesty of elections, while 69% did not.”

It is now fact that the Russians did not succeed in hacking any of our machines but you wouldn’t know it from this report.

Russia Hacking: President Obama’s Previously Undisclosed Election Day Plan by TIME on Scribd

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