Obama’s Libyan War Has Severe Consequences in the Democracy of Mali

Tuareg Criminal Rebels

Obama’s illegal Libyan War has consequences. The Gaddafi army and his arsenal of weapons have been used to conquer Mali, a democracy of peace-loving people now facing starvation, rapes and pillaging.

Though they are collateral damage from Obama’s interference in Libya, they will not be seen as a humanitarian cause by this administration unless there is political capital in it. Mali could serve as a base for Obama’s desire to reach into Africa.

Obama unleashed a new war. He aided the Libyan Islamist rebels as they took over Libya, allowing the Gaddafi army to flee and  overtake a democracy in the Sahara. There is an excellent chance that al-Qaeda will be able to set up bases in the midst of the violence and turmoil, another consequence of Obama’s illegal war in Libya.

Gaddafi’s arsenal of stolen weapons have turned up among the rebels who, in 72 hours, conquered Mali, an area of the Sahara as large as France.

About a 1,000 ethnic Tuaregs, loyal to the Mouvement National de liberation de l’Azawad (MNLA),  appear to be the leaders of the rebels who overran the government and army of Mali. They say they want a free, independent, but not religious state, which they call Azawad. Most of the them formed Colonel Gaddafi’s army. Their leader, Mohammed Ag Najm, was a former officer in Gaddafi’s army.

They were motivated by wanting their own state, but to do so, they were forced to join up with Tuareg Jihadis who are a wing of Osama’s Al Qaeda under the leadership of a ruthless and shadowy figure named Iyad Ag Ghali.

For years, Ghali served as a middle man for kidnappers and was thrown out of Saudi Arabia for being too extreme. He follows a brutal form of Islam. He  arrived in Gao and Timbuktu with several like-minded Mullahs ahead of MNLA leaders and was declared Master of the Sahara.

The people of Mali, living in terror, are secular and want no part of an Islamic Theocracy and a Sharia state. Even the Tuaregs in Mali don’t seem to want them. They have always had religious Islamists, but they also have bars, hotels, discos, and are a flexible, freedom-loving nation proud of their democracy.

The rebels are mostly criminal thugs who don’t speak the language and don’t even try to communicate with the people. The stores are being looted and food is running out. Starvation will set in. About 250,000 families have fled their homes because of rapes and brutality by rebels who have taken control. They are snatching young girls off the street.

Families Fleeing from Mail

A clearer answer as to who these rebels are can be found in some of their own statements –

…“Our law is a legal war, a sacred war, in the name of Islam,” a bearded leader of the Ansar al Din militia called Omar Hamaha told his supporters in Timbuktu soon after they took control of the ancient caravan town.

Then there are the supporters of al-Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM) who streamed into northern Mali with ambitions of setting up an Islamic state. They included men who have made millions of pounds of ransom money by kidnapping foreigners.

They put up their black flags over the three main cities of the north, Timbuktu, Gao, and Kidal, and strutted in the streets. Rare television pictures shot in the northern cities showed tough-looking men in turbans driving pick-up trucks, armed to the teeth with automatic weapons as crowds looked on nervously.

Some rebels grabbed the chance to loot, setting fire to buildings and abducting young women, according to refugees. Others — or perhaps the same ones – were determined to impose a Taliban-style Islamic rule, ordering men into the mosques to pray and closing bars and discos…Read more: Telegraph UK

Malians March for Liberation.

The Mullahs who live in Timbuktu do not support Ghali and claim he is not a legitimate leader which is increasing pressure on Ghali. The MNLA will be marching into Mali soon and there will be fierce battles over the North.

Obama began this illegal war, this is his chance to finish it and free the people of Mali from the army he let loose.



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