Obama’s Lie By Omission



Branco cartoon via comically incorrect 

Every time I listen to President Obama give a speech, I hope that it will be the one honest one. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen Friday when he held a joint press conference with Angela Merkel. While the speech focused on the situation in Ukraine, Mr. Obama took a few minutes to boast about the economy. What he said was true to a point.

Obama said that we created 9.2 million new jobs over 52 consecutive months of job growth. He said he is doing everything he can to create jobs.

Is it the truth, however, when he omits the pertinent facts?

We have 3.9 million fewer jobs than we had when Mr. Obama took office. Our economy grew by an almost non-existent .1% last month. Our unemployment is now down to 6.3% but most of the jobs created were part-time or low wage jobs. The numbers of people leaving the work force was a whopping 806,000. Only two-thirds of Americans who are eligible to work actually work. There are 92,594,000 Americans not working. Women not in the labor force has hit a record high.

Wall Street didn’t think much of the news Friday and they would know.

After a few potshots at Republicans and promising to violate the constitutional separation of powers, he went on to promise he will continue to do the same nothing he has been doing to help Ukraine.

Mr. Obama is not straight-forward and isn’t giving all the facts to the American people.

What would our economic growth look like if the feds weren’t being pumped up with a stimulus every month? Maybe we don’t want to find out.

Listen to the first few minutes of Mr. Obama’s speech.