Obama’s the Only Living Ex-President Not Attending Any of Billy Graham’s Services


Barack Obama is the only living former president who won’t attend any of the memorial services for Billy Graham. Billy Graham is a legend who died at age 99 last week. He was a spiritual adviser to presidents over the decades.

Obama’s office made the announcement.

Former President Barack Obama is not planning to attend memorial services for the late evangelist Rev. Billy Graham this week.

Obama’s office disclosed the former president’s plans Monday.

This reminds one of when Barack sniped at Christians during the prayer breakfast in 2015. He is still fighting the Crusades.

For some reason, this comes to mind also.





  1. The first downward step when he first became POTUS was when the media viciously attacked the Pastor of the Christian church he briefly attended………..they were targetting Christianity to make room for Obama to shift to support Islam……and influencing the nation to turn away from Christianity and towards Islam.

    • Of course he is Muslim. Muslim is every person who father is Muslim, no matter what the religion of the mother is. He has Muslim name, (both) he was educated in Muslim country Indonesia and he one time admit he is Muslim…..

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