Obama’s Most Fundamentally Awful Transformation


One of Barack Obama’s most fundamental transformations has slipped past Americans and it is by far the most final. It’s irreversible. Barack Obama has erased our borders.

The problem of illegal immigration has been passed off as a problem of much-needed immigration reform. It has become a conversation about racism, illegal alien children, and the poor of the world, but those are the straw men. The conversation should be about the loss of our sovereignty – our identity as a nation – because our president has opened our borders and has no plan to change that any time soon.

Without borders, we can no longer call ourselves a country.

President Peña Nieto calls us the other Mexico.

On Friday, President Obama held a news conference after the NATO Summit. He made it clear that he would violate the Constitution again after the election by legalizing an unknown number of people here illegally, perhaps 5 or 6 million.

He had the audacity to say not legalizing them was hurting the economy though more than 57% of people here illegally now are receiving government benefits. That hardly makes the case for an economic revival if we legalize them and make them eligible for more taxpayer-funded benefits.

Obama warned congressional Republicans they must come up with an immigration plan or he’d do what he had to do – act lawlessly and in complete disregard for our sovereignty.


There are large swaths of land in the border states that have been taken over by drug cartels. BLM has signs posted along the Wilderness areas warning travelers to stay away because it’s too dangerous due to the presence of drug cartels.

Thousands of people are streaming over our borders each week and the children we have heard so much about are the least of them.

We don’t know who these people are and yet we are inviting them all in, without vetting them.

We will quickly lose our identity. The throngs of invaders will not assimilate fast enough.

National security is obviously threatened.

People don’t seem to care much.

The immigration bill of 1965, which was a Ted Kennedy brainchild, gave us our multicultural society, putting a dent in our cultural heritage. Our population is culturally confused, making it more difficult to spur any conversation about assimilation. What we talk about instead is how citizens must adapt to all the many cultures of the many people coming into our country.

People come on student visas and travel visas and don’t bother to leave. We do not hold them accountable. We only hold schools and businesses accountable if they ask for proof of citizenship or residency.

We give out student visas like they’re candy – at least 1.2 million a year and we don’t track them. They can usually stay indefinitely as long as they stay in school.

President Obama is not solely responsible for this but he has exploited every avenue to accelerate what can only be described as a complete transformation.

Our president not only allows unrestrained invasions, he won’t tell us where they are all going. We are not simply talking 60,000 children, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of adults being flown, driven and released into the fabric of our country.

It will be quite costly. HHS wanted to convert a hotel to a home for the illegal alien children and it would have cost $166,000 per child. Senator Grassley caught it and stopped it for now.

The New York Times ran an exposé on the poor in New York City last year and described it as a national disgrace. They failed to mention that these are people being transported into the city from all over the country and many are here illegally.

Obama won’t tell us a thing. He runs the government like a tinpot dictator while lying about being transparent. People don’t seem upset – freedom doesn’t mean that much.

He is violating states rights by not telling them where the illegals are going within their borders.

Conservative Tribune reports that the Mexican military has been involved in numerous border crossings, allegedly assisting the cartels with reconnaissance even in U.S. territory. We know that cartels have gotten into firefights with border patrol but we as a people don’t seem to care about our law enforcement.

The government of Mexico even protested Gov. Perry sending the National Guard to the border.

President Enrique Peña Nieto scolded us on his recent visit to California, saving his worst vitriol for some unnamed US governors, for trying to stop or slow the illegal immigration. Nieto has even facilitated the illegals transport from Central America to the US.

“This is the other Mexico,” Peña Nieto reportedly “said of the United States, which is property to an estimated 11 million Mexican immigrants,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

He said California was evolved. To give proof of that, Governor Moonbeam said all illegals were welcomed.

Why not? We don’t have borders.

Obama knows to hide what is actually going on. He has those “terrorist tea party” people to worry about.

Daily Caller reports that the hottest and most dangerous months still showed a steady influx. The lies about the flow subsiding during the summer are part of the cover up.

“The number of apprehensions in August are down from July, and they’re actually lower than they were August of last year,” President Barack Obama claimed during an August 28 press conference.

Obama however, according to the Daily Caller, was focusing the reporters’ attention on the smaller part of the inflow ­ the so-called “unaccompanied children” from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala but ignored the number of Central Americans crossing in “family units.” Their numbers dropped only slightly, from 5,517 in July to 5,205 in August.

Listen to the border clip below from Secure Border Intel and count the number of times “family unit”, “unaccompanied children” (UAC) and juveniles are mentioned. Also count the number of times “adult female” is mentioned as they can all now be considered for “refugee” status. Family Units, unaccompanied children, juveniles. and adult females… (single adult males need to hook up !)

We hear a lot about the millions of illegals Obama will legalize after the election but he’s doing that now and barely deporting anyone.

An American court has ruled for the first time that foreign women who suffer domestic violence in their home countries can have grounds to seek asylum in the US. Since we allow chain migration, that will mean hundreds of thousands or millions of illegal immigrants legalized.

Why not? We have no borders and we are not a country.

From the Daily Caller:

“Obama has the legal authority to stop the inflow overnight, said Jan Ting, a law professor at Temple University and a former immigration official in President George H. W. Bush’s Department of Justice. Instead, he choose to classify the migrant youths as trafficking victims, and he choose to let people in “family units” apply for asylum.”

“Obama “could use ‘Expedited Removal’ [rules] at the border if he chose, but he chose not to do so,” he said.”

“The migrants “are poor, but they’re not stupid,” so they’re continuing to cross the border, Ting told TheDC.”

“Since October 2013, 57,732 “family units” from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have crossed the border to claim green cards via the immigration courts, according to CBP data. So far, the administration has deported only a few hundred of the “family unit” migrants.”

“Since October 2013, 50,303 “unaccompanied children” from the three Central American countries have crossed the border, says the CBO data. None has been sent home, because the administration has decided to set aside normal practices and instead let them apply for green cards via asylum applications.”

Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution, the Constitution Mr. Obama holds in no regard:


Clearly, what we are witnessing with this massive and uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens through our southern border is an invasion of those states that border the state of Mexico, being consciously facilitated by the United States Federal Government through its action and inaction.

It’s not a problem though because we don’t have borders.

The much-touted slowing down of illegal immigration didn’t happen over the Labor Day weekend.

Check out how the Border Patrol spent the weekend:


Listen to the audio from Secure Border Intel below.

Border Audio from McAllen, Texas on Labor Day Weekend, 159 groups, 1,110 Bodies

There were MANY groups being worked during this 72-hour period where the size of the group and/or exact location could not be determined.

Then there is this 4 Minutes of condensed audio covering the 7 day period, 8/27/14 through 9/3/14 (click on link below):

Border Patrol Stats

Illegal Alien Children Stats

While Obama’s domestic and foreign policy crashes and burns, he can look forward to some golf. He is staying at The Celtic Manor in Wales which has three premiere golf courses.

It’s fit for a king.

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